Sunday, 11 March 2007

Psychology podcasts: a clickable list

Updated 10 Dec 12, please use comments to send me news of new podcasts or dead links etc.

Group Therapy on London's Resonance FM - Each week, a 'confession' is posed to a panel of three commentators (a psychologist, academic and comedian) who come together to explain the universal themes and theories around the problem, offering insights and opinions along the way.


The Psychology Faculty


Psychology of attractiveness podcast

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Mind Podcast

The American Journal of Psychiatry

My Three Shrinks

Shrink Rap Radio

All in the Mind (ABC Radio)

Neuropod (from the journal Nature in association with the Dana Foundation)

Cognitive Daily

University of Nebraska
Autism podcast

The Dana Foundation

The Institute of Psychiatry

The University of California Berkeley - 1, 2, 3

Psychology Press

University of Connecticut

The PsychFiles

The National Institutes of Health

This Week in the History of Psychology

Coach radio (work psychology)

Psychjourney podcasts

Brain science podcast with Dr Ginger Campbell

General science podcasts (they often feature psychology) :

The New York Academy of Sciences

Scientific American

Seed Magazine

New Scientist


BBC Focus

Science Times (link opens in iTunes), from the New York Times

If you know of a psychology-related podcast that I've omitted, please let me know via comments and I'll add it to the main list.

This list wouldn't have been possible without Mind Hacks' Vaughan Bell.

Post written by Christian Jarrett (@psych_writer) for the BPS Research Digest.


  1. I'd like to let your readers know about a psychology podcast I started about a month ago. It's called "The Psych Files" and you can find it at I'm also in iTunes. I'm a former (tenured) assistant professor of psychology who now works in online learning. The podcast is something I do on the side. In it I discuss how psychological theory relates to everyday life. I'd appreciate it if you'd put The Psych Files in your list above. Thanks!

    Michael Britt

  2. Hi Michael
    Thanks for letting me know - I've added your site to the list.
    Keep up the good work

  3. Anonymous5:37 pm

    This list is missing some sites.
    Which has nice collection interesting brain science videos
    (I'm not sure if this belongs to this list)

    Neuroscience videos and audio from National Institutes of Healt


  4. Thanks Mxrn - these are great resources. To stick with audio, I've left out the video site, but I've added the NIH site with podcasts.

  5. One of my favorites:
    This Week in the History of Psychology:

  6. ooh, thanks Dana, that's a good one! I've added it.

  7. Would count as an appropriate one?


  8. Christian,
    Thanks for the mention in your psych podcast list. We try to keep it interesting at My Three Shrinks (or, at least, not too boring). Please consider adding our blog to your blogroll (Shrink Rap).

  9. Gareth - thanks for both those suggestions, they look great. I've added them both.

    Roy - no problem, I'll add Shrink Rap to the blog roll now.


  10. An excellent webiste with prorams related to psychology, psychiatry and menal health in general is at , home of the infinite mind radio program. Not podcasts per se, in that you can only listen to the shows (and maybe record them if you wish too) but you cannot download them. Most programs stay on for a few months before they are archived to be purchased. All in all a remarkable series dating back to 1997, in both the depth and breadth of the issues covered.
    Can't believe how no one's posted this yet.

  11. I've listened to just about all the Berekley psych podcasts--they are really well done. I can't recommend them more highly.

  12. nice list!

    I'm fond of the Brain Science Podcast at

    (and thanks for the link to my blog. :-) )

  13. oh, and in the popular press department, the New York Times "Science Times" podcast often features psych / neuroscience stuff. See New York Times & scroll down to Science Times, or subscribe in iTunes.

  14. thanks CogSci Librarian - I have added your suggestions.

  15. Hi Christian,

    I'd like to suggest my podcast, The Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast, which is a monthly show that highlights new research on mate choice, relationships and related topics.


  16. Here's a more recent psychology and neuroscience podcast based on a great talk radio program: PsychTalk (

  17. Please include on your list. We have over 30 video podcasts by lecturers from the University of Leeds, all speaking on topics directly from the A-level Psychology curriculum.



  18. Hi Christian,

    Though we're certainly nowhere near as high profile or, you know, professional as the podcasts on your list, perhaps you might like to include our show Psycomedia ( Each week myself and co-host Tim discuss weird, unexpected and occasionally disturbing contributions to our awesome field. We aim to amuse, or failing that to educate (and vice versa), and we certainly give a lot of love to the BPS research digest for inspiring many of the topics and studies. If you're after something a little more frivolous, with a reasonable chance of accidentally learning something, maybe give Psycomedia a try.


  19. Sophie3:06 pm


    I'd like to let you know about a radio series called Group Therapy on Resonance FM, London's leading community radio station. It would be great if you could add GT ( to your list.

    Each week, a 'confession' is posed to a panel of three commentators (a psychologist, academic and comedian) who come together to explain the universal themes and theories around the problem, offering insights and opinions along the way.

    This week's episode was on gender and identity with psychotherapist Philippa Perry, evolutionary biologist Simon Watt and comedian Claire Parker.

    You can catch up on all the Group Therapy episodes on



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