Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Psychologists who Tweet - first major update

This list was updated again in September 2011. We've updated our list of psychologists (plus a few stray neuroscientists, therapists, students and psych-bloggers) who Tweet. Follower counts were correct as of Friday 4 March 2011. Compare with the previous list compiled in November 2010. The Digest feeds and editorial team are in purple highlight.

Laura Kauffman. Child psychologist. Followers: 86444
Richard Wiseman. Parapsychologist. Followers: 68001
George Huba. Psychologist. Followers: 20628
Aleks Krotoski. Psychologist, tech journalist. Followers: 16043
Marsha Lucas. Neuropsychologist. Followers: 14462
Jonah Lehrer. Writer, blogger. Followers: 11080
Dan Ariely. Behavioural Economist, author. Followers: 10314
Jo Hemmings. Celebrity psychologist. Followers: 9735
Steven Pinker. Psycholinguist, evolutionary psychologist, author. Followers: 8978
David Ballard. Psychologist, Head of APA marketing. Followers: 6737
Graham Jones. Internet (cyber) psychologist. Followers: 6603
BPS Research Digest. The BPS Research Digest! Followers: 5417
Melanie Greenberg. Clinical health psychologist. Followers: 4723
Petra Boynton. Psychologist, sex educator. Followers: 4686
Ciarán O'Keeffe. Parapsychologist. Followers: 4603
Vaughan Bell. Clinical neuropsychologist, blogger. Followers: 4109
Mo Costandi. Writer, blogger. Followers: 4072
Jeremy Dean. Blogger. Followers: 3335
John Grohol. Founder of Psychcentral. Followers: 3182
Bruce Hood. Cognitive scientist. Followers: 2602
Rita Handrich. Psychologist, editor. Followers: 2435
David Eagleman. Neuroscientist, author. Followers: 2422
Daniel Levitin. Psychologist, author. Followers: 2419
Brian MacDonald. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 2371
David Webb. Psychology tutor, blogger. Followers: 2320
Sandeep Gautam. Blogger. Followers: 1952
Jay Watts. Clinical psychologist, Lacanian. Followers: 1567
Maria Panagiotidi. Grad student. Followers: 1562
Wendy Cousins. Psychologist and skeptic. Followers: 1473
Anthony Risser. Neuropsychologist, blogger. Followers: 1416
Chris Atherton. Cognitive psychologist. Followers: 1315
G. Tendayi Viki. Social psychologist. Followers: 1267
Ana Loback. Psychologist. Followers: 1244
Alex Linley. Positive psychologist. Followers: 1237
Mark Changizi. Cognitive psychologist, author. Followers: 1221
Jesse Bering. Psychologist, blogger. Followers: 1214
Rolfe Lindgren. Psychologist, personality expert. Followers: 1187
Cary Cooper. Occupational psychologist. Followers: 1093
Jason Goldman85. Grad student, blogger. Followers: 1082
Joseph LeDoux. Neuroscientist, rocker. Followers: 1033
Sophie Scott. Neuroscientist. Followers: 982
Chris French. Anomalistic psychologist. Followers: 973
Dorothy Bishop. Developmental neuropsychologist. Followers: 882
The Neurocritic. Blogger. Followers: 880
Jon Sutton. Editor of The Psychologist. Followers: 796
Karen Pine. Psychologist, author. Followers: 783
Uta Frith. Developmental neuropsychologist, autism expert. Followers: 730
Claudia Hammond. Radio presenter. Followers: 715
John Cacioppo. Psychologist, social neuroscientist. Followers: 705
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore. Cognitive neuroscientist. Followers: 691
Mark Batey. Creativity expert. Followers: 682
Rob Archer. Organisational psychologist. Followers: 680
Ben Hawkes. Psychologist, comedian. Followers: 679
Monica Whitty. Cyberpsychologist. Followers: 663
Charles Fernyhough. Developmental psychologist, author. Followers: 662
Marco Iacoboni. Neuroscientist, mirror neuron expert. Followers: 615
James Neill. Psychology lecturer. Followers: 590
Eran Katz. Grad student (tweets in Hebrew). Followers: 549
Rory O'Connor. Health psychologist, suicide researcher. Followers: 526
Tom Stafford. Psychologist, author. Followers: 494
Christopher H. Ramey. Psychologist. Followers: 485
Bruce Hutchison. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 465
Rachel Robinson. Child psychologist. Followers: 447
Manon Eileen. Clinical psychologist and criminologist. Followers: 442
Rebecca Symes. Sports psychologist. Followers: 427
Wray Herbert. Writer for APS, author. Followers: 417
Hilary Bruffell. Social psychologist. Followers: 412
Atle Dyregrov. Psychologist, expert in crisis psychology. Followers: 405
Steven Brownlow. Clinical and forensic psychologist. Followers: 405
Mike Garth. Sports psychologist. Followers: 402
Victoria Galbraith. Counselling psychologist. Followers: 389
Daniel Simons. Cognitive psychologist, author. Followers: 355
Daryl O’Connor. Health psychologist. Followers: 352
David Matsumoto. Psychologist and judoka. Followers: 326
Karen Franklin. Forensic psychologist. Followers: 299
Patrick Macartney. Psychologist and sociologist. Followers: 297
Caroline Watt. Parapsychologist. Followers: 296
Ciarán Mc Mahon. Psychologist. Followers: 283
Tim Byron. Music psychologist. Followers: 275
Voula Grand. Psychologist and writer. Followers: 273
Lorna Quandt. Grad student. Followers: 267
Alex Fradera. Psychologist and editor. 267
Bex Hewett. PhD student in occupational psychology. Followers: 261
Kevin McGrew. Intelligence expert. Followers: 259
Daniela O'Neill. Developmental psychologist. Followers: 245
Sean Nethercott. Psychologist. Followers: 243
Romeo Vitelli. Psychologist in private practice. Followers: 233
Andy Fugard. Cognitive scientist. Followers: 229
Erika Salomon. Grad student. Followers: 217
CoertVisser. Psychologist. Followers: 217
Jenna Condie. Environmental psychologist. Followers: 216
Astrid Kitti. Grad student. Followers: 203
Margarita Holmes. Psychologist and sex therapist. Followers: 203
BPS Occupational Digest. The BPS Occupational Digest. Followers: 194
Sue Hartley. Psychologist. Followers: 194
Johnrev Guilaran. Clinical psychologist trainee. Followers: 185
Janet Civitelli. Counselling psychologist. Followers: 175
Jon Simons. Cognitive scientist. Followers: 174
Ken Gilhooly. Cognitive psychologist. Followers: 166
Adrian Wale. Cognitive scientist, writer. Followers: 162
Sanja Dutina. Psychologist. Followers: 161
Gareth Morris. Grad student. Followers: 155
Talya Grumberg. Mental health counsellor. Followers: 155
Lila Chrysikou. Psychologist. Followers: 151
Ruthanna Gordon. Psychologist, sustainability expert. Followers: 151
Alex Birch. Business psychologist. Followers: 136
Craig Bertram. Grad student. Followers: 135
Suzanne Conboy-Hill. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 135
Christian Jarrett. Psychologist and writer. Followers: 131
Simon Dymond. Behavioural neuroscientist. Followers: 130
Marc Scully. Social psychologist. Followers: 127
Mark Hoelterhoff. Experimental existential psychologist. Followers: 127
Nancy Hoffman. Neuropsychologist. Followers: 117
Valeschka Guerra. Psychology lecturer. Followers: 116
Emma Dunlop. Grad student. Followers: 115
Deb Halasz. Research psychologist. Followers: 112
Matteo Cantamesse. Social psychologist. Followers: 112
Catriona Morrison. Experimental psychologist. Followers: 107
Dylan Lopich. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 106
John Houser. School psychologist. Followers: 106
Arvid Kappas. Emotion researcher. Followers: 89
Andrew and Sabrina. Psychological scientists. Followers: 84
Simon Knight. Psychologist. Followers: 84
Peter Kinderman. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 83
Paul Hanges. Organisational psychologist. Followers: 83
John Hyland. Experimental psychologist. Followers: 82
Chelsea Walsh. Family and marriage therapist. Followers: 81
Kevin Friery. Psychologist, psychotherapist. Followers: 80
Gerald Guild. Psychologist, autism specialist. Followers: 78
Gillian Smith. Alcohol and drug researcher. Followers: 75
Jen Lewis. Grad student. Followers: 74
Scott Kaufman. Cognitive psychologist. Followers: 69
Jui Bhagwat. Child psychologist. Followers: 63
Tom Walton. Grad student. Followers: 61
Chris Brand. Cognitive psychologist in training. Followers: 59
Odette Beris. Psychologist and coach. Followers: 59
David Hughes. Psychologist. Followers: 53
Barry McGuinness. Psychologist, writer. Followers: 47
Caitlin Allison. Trainee counselling psychologist. Followers: 47
Philip Collier. Sport and positive psychologist. Followers: 40
David Yates. Grad student. Followers: 36
Alison Price. Occupational psychologist. Followers: 35
Sian Jones. Grad student. Followers: 31
Helen Jones. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 29
John Taylor. Cognitive psychologist. Followers: 23
Kathryn Newns. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 21
Lorraine Hope. Cognitive psychologist. Followers: 10
Victoria Mason. Psychology lecturer. Followers: 9

Thanks to Ben Watson for updating the follower counts. If you'd like to be added to future iterations of the list please add your full name and Twitter tag to comments. Future additions to the list must be fully-qualified psychologists. Also, we're restricting the list to individuals, so no organisations please. 


  1. Hi,

    Given that additions to the list must be fully qualified psychologists, why are there grad students on the list?

  2. I've just started tweeting which is very exciting! I'm tweeting articles on psychology, coaching and self-empowerment, daily TAPPs (based on ACT and NLP) and general psychological inspiration.

    It's time I joined the party I think so please add my Twitter account to the list! My details are below.

    Twitter Tag: HoneyLJames

    Connect on Facebook

    Honey Langcaster-James
    Psychologist & Coach

    Best known in the UK as Resident Psychologist on Channel 4's Big Brother and ITV's Love Island. University Lecturer and Coaching Psychologist.

  3. Thanks a bunch for including me! :D

  4. Peter M Forster petermforster Peripatetic psychologist and scuba instructor

  5. Sarah Rose Cavanagh

    Psychologist studying affective science, blog on positive psychology for WholeLiving.



    thanks! great list!

  6. Echoing the sentiments of disgruntled PhD above. However, if you decide to be all nice and go back to including the grad student community, here are my details:

    Jonathan Ramsay
    Studying implicit motivation

  7. I feel left out!
    Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D.

  8. sorry Disgruntled and Jonathan - there are just too many of you to continue including grad students. I thought it would be churlish to remove those already on the list.

  9. Can we be added - though I am the editor, so strictly speaking we are "a Psychology department that tweets, via an editor" rather than "a psychologist who tweets".


  10. Please add me to the list: Dr_Hogan

    I tweet mainly about cyberpsychology issues, HCI, usability and anything Internet related

  11. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Hi, I am on Twitter too, and would like to be added to the list! I'm Linda Kaye, an academic tutor and postgraduate researcher, mainly interested in Cyberpsychology


  12. Marc Smith3:04 pm

    Oh I see, no teachers!! ;)

  13. Tom Hartley @tom_hartley Cognitive Neuroscientist.

  14. Chris Pawluk, School Psychologist @chrispawluk

  15. Sven Rudloff, Business Psychologist & PhD student on risk perception, @yogzotot

  16. A few I follow who you seem to have missed:

    Oh and me: Jon Brock @drbrocktagon - CogNeuro Researcher with a magnificent 110 followers

  17. Maybe there should be a separate list for Ph.D./grad students


  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. @brenrooney
    Research methods, film, emotion

  20. Lucy Hamer-Knight8:20 pm

    Good work compiling the list!
    Any chance of being included in future amendments?

    Chartered/HPC Registered Counselling Psychologist

  21. Darrell Rudmann, Ph.D.
    Educational Psychologist

  22. I'm a Clinical Psychologist missing from the list

  23. Anonymous9:43 pm

    I would like to be added to the list. My name is Els Blijd-Hoogewys, PhD, clinical psychologist & psychotherapist, head of Autism Team North Netherlands. Tweets in Dutch and English.


  24. Please add me to the list. Leah Klungness. I tweet @Singlemommyhood. I have 20,650 followers.

    I'd also like to add that mental health counselors are NOT psychologists.

    Looking forward to connecting with other psychologists via this list. Thanks!

  25. I'd love to be added to the list. I'm a Ph.D. organizational psychologist.



  26. Please add me to your list also. I am a Ph.D. licensed clinical psychologist with a therapy practice and executive coaching business. I am a twitter newbie!


  27. Anonymous5:16 am

    Clinical psychology doctoral student (just got my masters!)

  28. I am just getting started with my twittering (tweeting) but would love to be included on your list; Jill Caffrey, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist (Neuropsychology); @soaznp (Southern Arizona Neuropsychology Associates). I am the owner/director of my private practice but tweet as an individual


  29. @nikolaou Organizational Psychologist from Greece

  30. Can the BPS divisions be represented on the list? If so the Division of Counselling Psychology is @dcopuk

    There are also a number of counselling psychologists on twitter who are not on your list, one of which is me;

    Ruth Schumacher (Counselling Psychologist in Training)

    I will try and get a list of some others together...

  31. DrMiriam3:19 pm

    I've only recently joined twitter (254 followers), but can I also request to be added to your list of psychologists:

    Miriam Law-Smith, PhD
    Evolutionary Psychologist

  32. Hi Christian - yes I appreciate your point. That said, I think @davidaellis suggestion regarding a separate list for grad students is a good one!

  33. @dbrodbeck Dave Brodbeck, comparative cognition and evolutionary psychology. Oh and I play a lot of xbox 360...

  34. David O'Halloran PhD and psychologist in clinical training @dangerous_mouse

  35. It's news to me that Steven Pinker is a fully qualified Psychologist … :)

  36. -Please add my name and username to your list of Psychologists who "tweet":

    Registered Psychologist
    Ontario Canada

    -Twitter Username:

    "First time Twitter'er and Long time Psychologist"

  37. Another psychologist for your list...


  38. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Hi there,

    Another psychologist for your list

    Michael Hogan, School of Psychology,
    NUI, Galway, Ireland


  39. -Please add my name and username to your list of Psychologists who "tweet":

    "First time Twitter'er and Long time Psychologist"

    Registered Psychologist
    Ontario Canada

    -Twitter Username:

  40. Anonymous2:41 pm

    See also @b_m_hughes (

  41. I'm twitting from!/lesdepechespsy from my blog
    It's new and in French.

    Your blog is great !

  42. @drsbox

    Trainee Counselling Psychology - particular in interest in relationships and sexual dynamics in therapuetic work.

  43. Hey! And what about me?!!

    Carlos Rivera. (Political Psychology. University of Essex).


  44. Marien Gadea10:32 pm

    Marien Gadea PhD (Department of Psychobiology, University of Valencia, Spain)

    VERY interesting blog and list :)

    Would you please include me?

    Absolute beginner in twitterland

    @MarienGadea , introduced as Neuroscientist with a sexy tatoo Professor at Psychobiology Department (UV) Research on brain laterality Member of the CIBERSAM Reader of other scientists blogs

  45. Wow, what a useful lists, and some great additions in the comments.
    I blog/tweet on the links between Psychology and creativity (I'm a psych graduate, schoolteacher and BPS member btw!)


  46. Alice J4:51 pm

    Might also add:


  47. Lyle Becourtney, Psychologist & Certified Anger Management Professional, @DrB_AngerMgt
    I would love to be added to the list. Thanks so much!

  48. Christine M. Allen, Ph.D., Psychologist and Executive Coach @chrisallencoach

    I tried to be added once before. Thank you.

  49. Hi Christian,

    I have two:
    Caspar Addyman - Developmental Psychologist
    @kazparr (102 Followers) - personal
    @BrainStraining (193 followers) -Drugs and alcohol research

  50. Two of them

    @psicologos, from Gabriela, youth psychologist

    @dreig, from Dolors, social psychologist

  51. Hi--

    Please add me if ye have time...



  52. Anonymous9:28 am


    Please add me am a chartered psychologist in a business.

    Portia Hickey @innovaire



  53. Please add me, I am a Chartered/HPC Registered Counselling Psychologist

    Gina Langley @mrsginalangley

    Many thanks

  54. We're a collective group of psychologists - would we count?


    Thanks for the list Christian, we have now been able to follow more professionals in our field.

  55. Ian Patterson11:09 am

    Would you please add me to the list of Psychologists who Tweet? Thank you.

    Ian Patterson


    Chartered and HPC Registered Psychologist
    Aberdeen, Scotland

  56. Please add me to your list of psychologists who tweet. I am an occupational pyschologist tweeting about Customer Service Psychology.


    Many thanks
    Amanda Callen
    Chartered Occupational Psychologist and HPC registered

  57. I tweet on issues relating to bullying and aggression in childhood and aggression (mainly). My twitter id is SimonCHunter.

    I also have a blog which reviews published research relating to aggression and peer-victimisation. This is aimed at lay audiences, but is also useful for academics too:

    Simon Hunter

  58. In case a new list of psychology PhD students who "tweet" manifests itself:

    Laura K. Schenck


    Blog about mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, stress management, and more:

  59. LauraC4:10 pm

    I've just today started tweeting:


    Laura Caulfield, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Birmingham City University

  60. Nikki Botting4:44 pm

    And me please
    Developmental psychologist specialising in communication disorders

  61. I'm happy to join the party too :) I'd be happy to connect with other psychologists and I'm @DrFinnerty

  62. Emily Hutchinson10:36 am

    I'm also a fairly recent tweeter

    especially interested in leadership, strengths and healthy organisations

  63. Please add me to the list:
    Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology

  64. Paul Hutchings1:22 pm

    can you add me to the list as well please - @paulbhutchings

    I'd be very happy to add to my 30 followers!! ;-)

  65. Can you add me too? Neuroscientist and fMRI-specialist, UCL: @m_wall


  66. So if that student list appears here and/or you decide to include us again, I'm in: @g4rethjohn

    Oh, and with zero followers, I'm a serious bargain.

  67. Les Posen FAPS

  68. New to twitter but been blogging for a while. Please add me to list. Independent Business and Coaching Psychologist interested in applying psychology wherever I can. @bizpsycho

  69. Anonymous10:11 am

    PhD student at Northumbria University looking at the role of technology in motivating behaviour change to promote healthier lifestyles. QMiP @PsyPag Rep.

  70. Michael Newman
    - Psychologist at Sigmund Freud Psychology Research Center

    Psychology blog writer at

    Twitter: 2,490 followers @SigmundFreudPsy

  71. Anonymous7:16 pm

    @JeremyHouska Experimental Psychologist tweeting Cognitive/ Social/ Teaching and Learning

  72. I now tweet under my own name only: @JanetCivitelli
    My old account @VocationVillage is inactive and will be deleted soon

    I'm a vocational psychologist.


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