The Special Issue Spotter

A new service from the BPS Research Digest:

New insights into how we process the spatial relations between objects, and how we recognise objects regardless of viewing angle. (Neuropsychologia).

All about imitation, from its role in child development to its use in communicating with dementia sufferers. (Infant and Child Development).

A comprehensive overview of the emerging profession of counselling in Australia. (International Journal of Psychology).

All about the importance of rest and recovery after work. (European Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology).

The effect of when a word is learned on its processing later in life, otherwise known as age of acquisition effects. (Visual Cognition).

Delusional beliefs and criminal responsibility – an international perspective. (Behavioural Sciences and the Law).

Consciousness and self-representation – is it true that for a mental state to be conscious, it must both represent something else while also being represented itself? (Psyche).

If you’re aware of a forthcoming journal special issue in psychology, please let me know.