The Special Issue Spotter

Science magazine looks at ‘life‘: some of the insights that social scientists are making as they study humans at different stages of the life cycle. (Science).

Four papers that showcase the power and promise of cognitive neuropsychology approaches to selective developmental disorders, with an introduction by Bradley Duchaine at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience in London. (Cognitive Neuropsychology).

How can research in applied developmental psychology best inform policies that will promote human welfare? (Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology).

Humans can only process so much information at once – where and why do such limitations arise? (European Journal of Cognitive Psychology).

A four-day workshop entitled ‘Health-related Stigma and Discrimination’ held in the Netherlands in 2004 led to the formation of the ‘International Consortium for Research and Action Against Health-Related Stigma’ and to this special issue – understanding and tackling health-related stigma. (Psychology, Health and Medicine).

Crisis! Its aftermath and its psychological treatment. (Journal of Clinical Psychology).

This special issue is dedicated to Elizabeth Loftus, and is full of research inspired by her work on the fallibility of human memory. (Applied Cognitive Psychology). Loftus’ webpage is here.