Other interesting papers that didn’t make the final cut this fortnight:

Adults with autistic spectrum disorder have reduced grey matter in the area of the brain thought to contain mirror neurons – brain cells that are active both when someone performs an action, and when they see that action performed by someone else. Open access.

A neuropsychological test for finding out whether someone is faking a memory problem (after head injury) to support a fraudulent compensation claim.

Babies’ brains respond differently when they watch the same action performed on TV compared with when they see it performed live.

Two contrasting forms of fighting in judo (free fight versus kata) have a different effect on plasma cortisol, testosterone, and interleukin levels in male participants.

Reading the word ‘cinnamon’ activates regions of the brain involved in our sense of smell.

When healthy people distinguished between real and imagined information, it activated brain regions thought to be affected by schizophrenia.