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The Mind Gym are offering £10,000 to research that “illuminates how generic, useful and everyday qualities of the mind can be enhanced” – entries welcome. How magicians use their psychological skills in real life. Watch Ray Miller, president of the BPS, make the case for tougher statutory regulation of UK psychology, at the Scottish Parliament’s Health Committee. Don’t drink and be merry – three people describe how giving up alcohol has improved their social lives. Does naming and shaming work in today’s world? What it’s like to be unable to recognise people’s faces. Psychological operations during the recent Israel-Lebanon conflict. Integrating the teaching of conservationism and psychology. Saba Salman has watched her learning-disabled sister bloom after attending a special college. Can you convey the magic of science and technology in plain English? We all know family breakdown is the root of many problems – let’s do something about it. The priest who adapted theology into a form of therapy.

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