For when you’ve had enough of journal articles:

A feature article on violent behaviour, and another on drugs to combat mental fatigue, both open-access in the latest issue of Scientific American Mind. Read the winning entries in the National Amazing Brain Writing Prize. How to argue. The government’s own institute for clinical evidence recommends talking therapy for depression, so why is it so hard to see a psychologist when you need one? What is it like to live without the sense of smell? Where does Freud’s legacy stand today? – one of Prospect magazine’s 10 most popular articles of 2006, now made freely available. What’s happened to the e-generation of pill-popping clubbers now they’ve turned 40? (link is to BBC radio show). How to fend off a dangerous dog. What you do affects how you think (featuring fun thought experiments). Did the execution of Saddam Hussein mean the loss of a vital research resource for psychologists? How to win friends and influence people; and Emotional Intelligence – two books featured in BBC Radio 4s countdown of books to change your life by (both links are to BBC Radio Shows). The first account of successful psychotherapy in European prose literature?

If you’ve come across a particularly noteworthy, freely-available psychology-related article or radio show on the web, which others might have missed, please let me know.