The Special Issue Spotter

Meaningful activities for people with dementia (Aging and Mental Health). An intervention to help people with dementia engage in meaningful activities is evaluated and discussed.

Youth and democracy: Participation for personal, relational, and collective well-being. (Journal of Community Psychology). From the introduction: “The argument can be made that without more youth power, many of the interventions designed to help youth are merely cosmetic.”

Psychotherapy around the globe (Journal of Clinical Psychology). The editorial states: “Psychology and psychotherapy have become global in scope, but the forms they take in different countries are not well known.” This special issue is something of an antidote. “…Invited articles by psychologists, from a wide sample of countries, who describe the nature of psychotherapy practice in their respective countries and its application to the hypothetical case of Mrs. A.”

Music and IQ: Controversy and Evidence (Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice). Does music really enhance IQ?