For when you’ve had enough of journal articles:

A look at the social forces causing obesity.

Would you opt for a brain chip that could boost your mental powers, even if there was a chance it could backfire and leave you impaired?

Is anorexia the female Asperger’s? Professor Janet Treasure writes: “Traits that may appear present in childhood, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder or overperfectionism, can often indicate a vulnerability to developing an eating disorder later in adolescence.”

Do animals worry? One reader answers:”Having been a squirrel in a previous life, I can affirm that animals do indeed worry.”

Do parents love their adopted children differently from their biological children?

Food for thought: What some of Britain’s top scientists eat.

There is no such thing as internet addiction, argues Mind Hacks’ Dr Vaughan Bell.

Where does the Self go when it is battered and bruised beyond recognition? (ABC Radio podcast).

The science of out-of-body experiences (featured in the latest Guardian Science podcast). But Slate magazine questions whether the research tells us anything about why the experience occurs in everyday life.