The Special Issue Spotter

We trawl the world’s journals so you don’t have to:

The baby’s place in the world (Infant Mental Health Journal). According to the editorial, this collection aims to “truly consider ‘the baby’s place in the world,’ and to rethink our understanding of the impact of the many problematic experiences that the developing infant encounters—both within the context of the immediate rearing environment and the broader social and geopolitical influences on family functioning.”

Power in community psychology research and practice (Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology). “…we should, and usually do, understand that it is power differentials that are causative factors in so many of the health and mental health issues with which we deal. To understand and then harness power can be a stronger and more effective way of working.”

Social neuroscience approaches to interpersonal sensitivity (Social Neuroscience). “This special issue brings together new research findings from empirical studies, including work with adults and children, genetics, functional neuroimaging, individual differences, and behavioral measures, which examine how we process and respond to information about our fellow individuals. By combining biological and psychological approaches, social neuroscience sheds new light on the complex and multi-faceted phenomenon of interpersonal sensitivity, including empathy.”

Bridging Cognitive Science and Education: Learning, Memory, and Metacognition (European Journal of Cognitive Psychology). To help bridge the two disciplines of cognitive science and education, “we have organised and integrated some of the recent cognitive data that can provide some new insights on the complexities of learning in the classroom.”