For when you’ve had enough of journal articles:

Stuart Baker-Brown, a photographer and writer, discusses his life with schizophrenia.

Amazing visual illusion (the image is not animated).

Former anorexia sufferer Grace Bowman describes her experience of becoming pregnant.

Is there really a communication gap between men and women?

Guardian review of Steve Pinker’s new book, The Stuff of Thought. Pinker was also interviewed by Discover magazine and was a guest on BBC Radio 4s Start the Week.

Is there such a thing as narcissistic personality disorder?

Do liberals lack the full complement of moral systems?

Can physiology-based lie detectors be trusted?

On the Guardian Science podcast, Mark Buchanan explained the study of social physics – the application of mathematical and scientific principles to the study of human behaviour.

On ABC radio’s All in the Mind podcast, medical anthropologist Monique Skidmore discussed her field work in Burma, where she has carefully probed the ways the State manipulates the emotional life of the Burmese, and the psychological strategies they adopt to survive under a military regime.

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