Behind the news

Connecting you with the psychological science behind the news:

1. Food cravings battle ‘pointless’ (BBC News online).
Revealed: Resisting chocolate just makes you want more, say psychologists (Daily Mail).

Here is the journal source. Here is the lead author.

2. Rogues ‘flirt to hide their true nature’ (Daily Telegraph).
Why do women fall for cads? It’s love at flirt sight, reckon scientists (The Scotsman).

This is an unpublished study, first reported by New Scientist. The research was presented at a meeting of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour. Here is the lead author.

3. Elephants sense danger clothes (BBC News online).
Elephants colour code the human foe (The Guardian).

Here is the journal source. Here is the lead author.

One thought on “Behind the news”

  1. From the BBC article:“Men did not show the same effect, with the group told to talk about the snack eating more.”Fighting cravings was pointless for half of the group and useful for the other half, leading us to the conclusion that fighting cravings is pointless in general?Talk about poor reporting.

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