For when you’ve had enough of journal articles:

Free will is not an illusion.

Pretty pictures of neural connections in mice. From the Guardian: “Using genetic tricks and fluorescent proteins researchers at Harvard have individually labeled hundreds of individual nerve cells with 90 different colour combinations. The end result they call a ‘brainbow‘”

A lack of sleep is having a detrimental effect on children’s cognitive development.

A brief history of manic-depressive illness.

Take part in London-based research into the neuropsychology of hypnosis.

Nine propaganda techniques in Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11.

Psychology A-level teachers – check out the new website of the ATP conference to be held in Lincoln in 2008.


On recent issues of the Guardian Science Podcast: Imperial College geneticist Armand Leroi dissected James Watson’s controversial remarks on race and intelligence (mp3); and the ubiquitous Steve Pinker discussed the relationship between language and thought (mp3).

On ABC radio’s All in the Mind, you guessed it, Steve Pinker again (mp3), and in the latest issue, does mental health really affect physical well-being? (mp3)

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