For when you’ve had enough of journal articles:

Mentally ill and a successful career.

Science meets meditation on ABC Radio’s All in the Mind (MP3 audio file).

Tips on how to hone your mental ability.

Learn brain anatomy.

The life of a human calculator.

Landau-Kleffner syndrome: The rare brain disorder that robs children of language and leaves doctors perplexed.

The rise of cognitive-enhancing drugs.

BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind returned to the airwaves last week with an opening episode on concerns about taser guns and the mentally ill; the European Psychoanalytic Film Festival; and a tribute to pop psychiatrist Sir Anthony Clare who died recently.

Ten “brilliant social psychology studies”.

The latest ‘science extra’ issue of the Guardian Science Podcast features prolific science writer Philip Ball talking about social physics. (MP3 audio file)

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