countryside viewPsychology-related radio clips, podcasts, magazine features and more, for when you’ve had enough of journal articles.

My brain made me do it”. Debate at the Institute of Ideas on the use of neuroscience in politics and the courtroom. (Video Webcast).

A review of three books that reflect on the overmedicalisation of our mental lives.

BBC Radio 4’s series of All in the Mind continues with a programme looking at the link between the moon and madness, and the role of traditional healing in psychiatry.

What ‘psychopath’ really means.

Oliver Sacks appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Start The Week, discussing his new book Musicophilia.

Philip Zimbardo discusses his Stanford Prison Experiment on BBC Radio 4’s new series of Mind Changers.

ABC Radio’s All in The Mind looks at the psychology and neuroscience behind politics and voting (link is to MP3 file).