Psychology-related radio clips, podcasts, magazine features and more, for when you’ve had enough of journal articles.

Richard Wiseman and the Daily Telegraph seek your help to find out how much information we really do garner from first impressions.

The Wellcome Collection are hosting an exhibition all about sleep and dreaming.

ABC Radio’s All in the Mind continued with a programme that followed up on brain surgery patient Kia, another tackling the issue of whether psychiatrists and psychologists should be involved in interrogation, and mostly recently an episode that asked ‘Who speaks for the chained and incarcerated?’(Links are to MP3 audio files).

Are twins still just as special now that there are so many more of them?

Can a ‘will to live’ really influence a patient’s survival chances?

BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind continued with programmes featuring a new ‘babble test’ for schizophrenia, another focusing on the role of carers and mostly recently an episode with a focus on epilepsy.

Malcolm Gladwell dissects the IQ – race controversy (hat tip: Mind Hacks).

Professor James Flynn, discoverer of the eponymous Flynn Effect – the tendency for average IQ scores to rise over time – was a guest on BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week.