For when you’ve had enough of journal articles:

Are you happy? Sue Halpern in the New York Review of Books, says research on happiness is hampered by the variety of interpretations of what exactly it means to be happy. Her essay is a response to books on happiness by Dan Gilbert, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Tal Ben-Shahar, Eric G. Wilson, and Jerome Kagan.

Has science found a way to end all wars?

Daniel Ben-Ami in Spiked has had enough of the enoughism espoused by Oliver James and others.

In Psychology Today: How even the most hard-core skeptic thinks magically, believing in karma, luck, curses, and tempting fate.

Depression, illustrated.

The Am I Normal? series on BBC Radio 4 has continued with episodes on dyslexia, dyscalculia and insomnia.

The nature of consciousness debate has continued on ABC Radio’s All in the Mind series (part 1 here).

Also on BBC Radio 4: Celebrating 70 years of Relate, the world’s largest counselling organisation for relationships.

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