The Special Issue Spotter

We trawl the web for the latest psychology journal special issues so you don’t have to:

New Media: mobile advertising and marketing (Psychology and Marketing).

Spiritual development (New Directions for Youth Development).

Bilingualism: Functional and neural perspectives (Acta Psychologica).

Genetics and imaging in neuroscience (Biological Psychology).

Honouring Irving E. Siegel’s contributions to the field (Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology). “Siegel (founder of the journal and long-time editor) sought to infuse developmental science with considerations of basic human values such as social justice and caring for others. Seigel maintained that human values underlie beliefs and actions and in a fundamental way propel them. He championed commitment to these values with openness in his own lifelong quest for a better world and he also inspired many of us to do likewise. Irv’s legacy includes a balanced appreciation for the importance of understanding development and seeking to find better ways to enhance child development and family functioning.”

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