What five things do you do to stay sane?

A group of volunteers, led by Andy Gibson and supported by the RSA and Young Foundation, is asking people to reveal what five things they do daily or regularly to stay sane.

The project, called Mindapples, was inspired by the 5-a-day healthy eating campaign that aimed to teach us how consuming five pieces of fruit or veg a day can help us to stay physically healthy. Mindapples asks what the equivalent is for mental well-being? Crunching through leaves in the park, the gentle touch of a loved one, or perhaps a quiet session with the newspaper: let them know what works for you.

The team behind Mindapples are all volunteers pursuing an interesting idea. They’re hoping to receive over 1000 responses to their survey, with a plan to take things up a level once that target is reached. If you complete the very short survey, you’re helping promote the cause and you get to read other people’s anonymous revelations about what they do to stay sane.

I’ve just completed the survey and found it difficult to squeeze everything into just five activities. Maybe I’m high maintenance. I keep thinking of things I missed out, like eating chocolate.

Here’s the Mindapples founder Andy Gibson, on what Mindapples is all about:

“Rather than offering expert advice, we’re asking everyone to think about their personal five-a-day, and using the power of the web to draw together a community of knowledge about what works for ordinary people. By supporting individuals to take care of their day-to-day mental health through simple activities, we can give people a sense of power over their minds. And by asking a question which everyone can answer, we hope to open up a mainstream public debate about mental health in which everyone can participate, and turn mental wellbeing into something aspirational and enjoyable for all.

And it could be fun too.”

Post written by Christian Jarrett (@psych_writer) for the BPS Research Digest.

Link to Mindapples website.
Link to Mindapples survey.

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