The Special Issue Spotter

We trawl the web for the latest psychology journal special issues so you don’t have to:

Twenty Years of Exciting Neuroscience (Neuron). Happy Birthday Neuron! This is a must-read issue published to mark the 20th anniversary of the journal, and, so far as I can tell, the whole thing has been made open access. In its early years this journal was devoted to the study of brain cells at a molecular level, but in recent times it has evolved to cover the whole breadth of neuroscience, including cognitive studies of more psychological interest. 

For this issue, the editors have invited authors of articles published in the journal’s first issue to look back on their earlier work and reflect on how the field has evolved. Other experts have been invited to provide an overview of advances in their respective fields, from stem cells and neuroimaging to neural interfaces. Finally, other experts have written a series of “NeuroViews”: Essays that will provide a” venue for the discussion of issues and ideas that are at the interface of research neuroscience and our broader society”. Topics here include the impact of neuroscience on philosophy and law, and of course everyone’s favourite: neuroeconomics. These essays are set to become a regular feature of the journal – definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Social Influence and Creativity (Social Influence).

Advances in Morphological Processing (Language and Cognitive Processing).

Attachment Related Mental Representations (Attachment and Human Development).

A Neo-Eysenckian Personality Psychology for the 21st Century: Conceptualization, Etiology, Structure, and Clinical Implications (Journal of Personality).

Scientific reasoning — Where are we now? (Cognitive Development).