Eye-catching studies that didn’t make the final cut:

Psychological factors influencing how people caught up in the Kosovo war were affected by it.

How people with social phobia see themselves.

You probably saw this one in the news: the blind man who could navigate his way through an obstacle-strewn corridor. Not because of a sixth sense, as the media described it, but because much visual processing is subcortical and non-conscious, thus leaving some blind people with some intact visual abilities.

A review of research into emotion regulation.

Go and live there a while and you’ll soon pick up the language, or so they say. But it doesn’t work for everyone.

Can personality be changed?

Is crying beneficial?

Support for the UK government’s policy of increasing patient choice.

Facial scars can increase a man’s attractiveness to women.

A meta-analysis looking at the combined results of lots of research into the effectiveness of internet and computer-based cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety.

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