March’s Psychologist magazine – free for all!

The forthcoming March issue of The Psychologist magazine has been made publicly available in its entirety via the digital platform Issuu (click mini version below to see full mag).

The service allows you to flick through the pages online as if you had the magazine in your hands, to zoom in at will, print, share and more.

March’s issue features another psychological cornucopia, including articles on the use of humour in stats teaching, Alfred Binet, exercise and dementia, stigma, and the psychology behind the Story of O. There’s also the usual mix of news, views and reviews.

If you like what you see, why not take out a print subscription, or perhaps you’d like to contribute to the magazine yourself?

The editor Dr Jon Sutton would love to hear your views on the magazine, including what you think of this new digital format. Use comments, below, or email him direct on jon.sutton[at]

2 thoughts on “March’s Psychologist magazine – free for all!”

  1. Thank you for making this great resource availabe as open access. I hope that this will be available as a constant resource and not only for the month of March?

  2. Hi Kathy,I checked with the magazine’s editor and the eventual intention is for the digital version of the mag to be locked down to members of the British Psychological Society in some way. Have you considered checking if you’re eligible for < HREF="" REL="nofollow">membership<>? Fees start from just £21/year for students.

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