Eye-catching studies that didn’t make the final cut:

Less than human? How we perceive members of the out-group versus our in-group.

An account of what motivates people to become suicide bombers.

Staring at a moving stimulus like a waterfall and then looking at stationary rocks, leads to the illusory perception that the rocks are moving in the opposite direction to the waterfall – an example of the “motion after-effect”. An intriguing new study shows that this effect can transfer from the visual domain to touch and also from touch to vision.

A new paper questions whether genius and madness really do go together

Yuk! Conservatives are more easily disgusted than liberals.

How do psychiatrists view mental illness – as a medical disease or as psychological problem?

Measuring a mother’s relationship with her foetus.

People with severe hearing impairment show enhanced visual attention.

Nice old-school Nike’s you’ve got on there. Fashion conscious burglars leave clues for psychological profilers.

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