Eye-catching studies that didn’t make the final cut:

More clues as to how meditation affects the brain.

Amusics can hear pitch changes, they just don’t know they can.

The psychology of comforting.

Are today’s youngsters more narcissistic than previous generations?

Sense of touch is enhanced in blind people on some tasks, but not others.

A participant’s familiarity with computers can affect their performance on some computerised neuropsychological tests.

People with schizophrenia can feel embarrassment.

We underestimate the rapid consequences of economic growth.

Subitizing is our ability to recognise small quantities at a glance, without counting. We can do this with our sense of touch too.

A major drawback to prosthetic limbs is the lack of sensory feedback they provide. “Targeted reinnervation” could provide the answer. This involves taking the nerves that once innervated the severed limb and re-routing them to nearby skin or muscle where they form new connections. “This creates a sensory expression of the missing limb in the amputee’s reinnervated skin. When these individuals are touched on this reinnervated skin they feel as though they are being touched on their missing limb.

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  1. in response to the article saying that schizophrenics can experience embarrassment well schizophrenics like for example every arthritis sufferer exhibits symptoms individually because they are individuals – below are my publications for you to show there is light at the end of the tunnel even if some of us are made out to not feel embarrassed.A headache felt by an individual schizophrenic he/she would know as an individual.
    The Psychologist, September 2005 p535 “NHS has got it wrong” by Patel S. UK

    Europe’s Journal of Psychology, May 2007 Archives Section, “An Alternative Support Model to the Medical Model of Medication for Long Term Schizophrenia” Patel S., University of Bolton, UK. http://www.ejop.org

  2. please note well that in my last comment I gave 2 of my publications to shine light at he end of the tunnel in schizophrenia but please note well that my experiment if you look up those publications was done under qualified medical consultant supervision anything less might prove fatal or dangerous to some schizophrenics. Any therapy whether hypnotherapy or general therapies needs qualified consultant medical supervision anything less might prove fatal or dangerous to some people also a risk assessment is required for therapies to people as individuals. thankyou for letting me help a few people thanks.

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