The Special Issue Spotter

We trawl the world’s journals so you don’t have to:

Aggression, Science, and the Law: New Insights from Neuroscience (International Journal of Law and Psychiatry).

Genes, Cognition & Neuropsychiatry (Cognitive Neuropsychiatry).

Eating Disorders and Emotions (Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy).

Brain Body Medicine (NeuroImage). From the editorial “Brain–Body Medicine focuses on interactions between the brain, peripheral pathways and bodily end-organs. Bi-directional brain–body pathways can be thought of as the mechanistic substrate that mediates the relationship between psychological and social factors and physical health. As such, Brain–Body Medicine adds a new dimension to research in the fields of mind–body, behavioral, psychosomatic, and integrative medicine. It also creates linkages, by virtue of the focus on the brain, to newer fields such as psychoneuroimmunology, neuro-cardiology and brain–gut research that have as of yet made relatively little use of neuroimaging technology.”

Here boy! Canine Behaviour and Cognition (Behavioural Processes).

fMRI: Advances, problems, and the future (International Journal of Psychophysiology).

Neurobiology of Habituation (Neurobiology of Learning and Memory).

Episodic Memory and the Brain (Neuropsychologia).