Eye-catching studies that didn’t make the final cut:

Heavy media multi-taskers performed worse on a test of task-switching ability“. More evidence that technology is scrambling our brains? Maybe not – thoughtful analysis from Mind Hacks.
Connectivity to and from the equivalent of Broca’s area in the monkey brain (provides clues regarding the evolution of language).

This multidisciplinary article compares the pattern of memory loss described in Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude to that exhibited by patients with semantic dementia.

Gerard Duveen, Brady Wagoner and Alex Gillespie have created a new and updated version of the Frederic Bartlett Archive. Frederic Bartlett was an influential Cambridge social psychologist. The new digital archive provides free access to the majority of his works, together with related publications, unpublished manuscripts, photographs, a bibliography, and an extensive introduction to his career.