Eye-catching studies that didn’t make the final cut:

Students behave in a more helpful manner after listening to Michael Jackson’s Heal The World and other songs with prosocial lyrics.

Contributions of Societal Modernity to Cognitive Development: A Comparison of Four Cultures.

…children of 4 years find a question about what they themselves will need to play in the future harder to answer than a similar question posed about another child.’

The Dodo Bird Verdict – controversial, inevitable and important: a commentary on 30 years of meta-analyses. (The Dodo Bird Verdict is the finding that different therapeutic approaches are generally of similar efficacy.)

What judges, the general public and experts believe about the testimony of eye-witnesses.

Alison Gopnik reviews Stanislas Dehaene’s ‘Reading in the brain, The Science and Evolution of a Human Invention’.

How Sigmund Freud, his nephew and a box of cigars forever changed American marketing.