Extras and Quotes

Eye-catching studies that didn’t make the final cut:

Witnessing Alzheimer’s through diary and poem: Dear Alzheimer’s why did you pick our sheltered lives to visit?

Are violent people more likely to have low self-esteem or high self-esteem?

Amputees “Neglect” the Space Near Their Missing Hand.

Empirically supported religious and spiritual therapies.

The most important of all the organs: Darwin on the brain.

Psychology quotes in the news:

‘Here are some great examples of how harnessing the insights of behavioural economics and social psychology can help you achieve your policy goals in a more effective and light-touch way … ,’ Leaked strategy bulletin from Cameron advisor Steve Hilton.

‘Malcolm Corbett, vice-chairman of the NFU national livestock board, said yesterday that sheep might have lost their inbred knowledge of how to cope with periods of prolonged snow after a succession of mild winters,’ Independent newspaper article discusses the effect of the cold snap on farm animals.

‘Almost every health professional comes into contact with patients who have dementia,’ says the report, ‘yet there is no required basic training in how to understand and support them,’ BBC News Online discusses report showing that National Dementia Strategy for England is failing.

‘If he has come to believe these words (and God knows, that’s a big job) there must be very powerful psychological forces at work,’ The Independent’s political sketch writer recognises the power of cognitive dissonance in Alistair Campbell’s performance at the Iraq Inquiry.

‘What matters most to a child’s life chances is not the wealth of their upbringing but the warmth of their parenting,’ David Cameron speech on 11 January.