Eye-catching studies that didn’t make the final cut:

Attractive women tend to be happier, but only in cities, not the countryside.

Near-conversational synthetic speech generated via brain-machine interface.

Review of eight meta-analyses of psychodynamic psychotherapy effectiveness: ‘The perception that psychodynamic approaches lack empirical support does not accord with available scientific evidence and may reflect selective dissemination of research findings.’

The individual and situational factors that predict work place bullying. Men and victims of bullying are more likely to bully. Stressful work places with role conflict and interpersonal conflict also host more bullying.

Women process multisensory emotion expressions more efficiently than men.

Lookism in a Facebook age: ‘The results indicated that both male and female subjects were more willing to initiate friendships with opposite-sex profile owners with attractive photos.’

Lusting while loathing: ‘We show how being “jilted”—that is, being thwarted from obtaining a desired outcome—can concurrently increase desire to obtain the outcome, but reduce its actual attractiveness’.

Dreaming and the brain: ‘It is now possible to … address fundamental questions: how conscious experiences in sleep relate to underlying brain activity; why the dreamer is largely disconnected from the environment; and whether dreaming is more closely related to mental imagery or to perception’.

Wiley has a new cognitive science review journal.