Eye-catching studies that didn’t make the final cut:

A Systematic Review of Six Decades of Research in Psychopharmacology. Verdict: Huge improvements over time, but could still do better.

When exposed to scary stimuli, anxious people experience a more pronounced sense of time slowing down than do calmer people.

The man who lost his ability to see colours, but didn’t know it. Or, in the scientific jargon: ‘Anosognosia for cerebral achromatopsia’.

The neuroscience of human intelligence differences.

Women’s faces judged more attractive when making eye contact rather than looking a way.

You know when the sun makes you sneeze? This study uses EEG to look at the neural basis of this phenomenon.

New Lancet review of the placebo effect.

‘Touch establishes powerful physical and emotional connections between infants and their caregivers, and plays an essential role in development’ Systematic review of infant massage.

Meta-analysis finds violent videogames can lead to increased aggression.

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