Eye-catching studies that didn’t make the final cut (plus some other tit-bits):

Did working memory spark creative culture?

How thinking of sex vs. love changes our mode of mental processing. Thinking of love boosts our global processing, including recognition of faces, whereas thoughts of sex boosts our local processing, including the recognition of verbal information.

When victims forgive, it leads them to feel a greater sense of justice.

The content in our working memory can affect our decision making, biasing us to perform tasks that match the content.

Why we’re so useless at working out cumulative risk.

People’s ability to switch mind sets (measured using executive control tasks) affects their performance on a popular measure of implicit attitudes – the ‘implicit association test’.

New Seed magazine feature on the expression of emotion.

Nine neural frontiers (New Scientist cover feature).

Dan Pink on motivation in the latest issue of the RSA’s Journal.

Time magazine timeline of our understanding of the human brain.

Can you really train your brain? (Feature in the Indy).

Recent Philip Zimbardo talk at the RSA on time perspectives.

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