Eye-catching studies that didn’t make the final cut:

When people are confronted by a scientific finding that contradicts their existing beliefs, they tend to conclude that the topic in question isn’t amenable to scientific study.

The effects of altitude on brain development.

What influences the favoured therapeutic orientation of clinical psychology trainees – their training or their personality?

Betrayal: A psychological analysis.

We have a better memory for things that appear on the left.

Few people regret viewing the body of a loved one killed in traumatic circumstances.

Nature Neuroscience editorial on the use of students in psychology and neuroscience.

Where people vote affects how they vote.

Female dieters, but not male dieters or non-dieters, equated the sweetness of a drink with it being highly calorific.

A mother’s voice on the phone can provide as much relief as a hug, at least in terms of oxytocin release.

A light physical touch from a female stranger can increase financial risk-taking.

A boost of glucose increases dogs’ self-control just as it does in humans.

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