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This list has been updated here. Psychologists (and a few stray neuroscientists) on Twitter, listed in order of number of followers. It’s a work in progress – please use comments to alert me to others. Follower counts are subject to change but were correct on 12 Nov, 2010. Shortcut URL to this list is

Laura Kauffman. Child psychologist. Followers: 59,845
Richard Wiseman. Parapsychologist, magician, author. Followers: 53,363
George Huba. Psychologist. Followers: 16,468
Aleks Krotoski. Psychologist, tech journalist. Followers: 13,798
Marsha Lucas. Neuropsychologist. Followers: 11,170
Jonah Lehrer. Blogger, author. Followers: 8283
Jo Hemmings. Celebrity psychologist. Followers: 7880
Dan Ariely. Behavioural Economist, author. Followers: 6476
Graham Jones. Internet (cyber) psychologist. Followers: 6147
Steven Pinker. Psycholinguist, evolutionary psychologist, author. Followers: 6225
David Ballard. Psychologist, Head of APA marketing. Followers: 5918
Christian Jarrett. That’s me! Followers: 4000
Ciarán O’Keeffe. Parapsychologist. Followers: 3965
Petra Boynton. Psychologist, sex educator. Followers: 3598
Mo Costandi. Writer, blogger. Followers: 3485
Vaughan Bell. Clinical neuropsychologist, blogger. Followers: 3114
John Grohol. Founder of Psychcentral. Followers: 2875
Jeremy Dean. Blogger. Followers: 2431
Brian MacDonald. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 2338
Bruce Hood. Cognitive scientist. Followers: 2231
Rita Handrich. Psychologist, editor. Followers: 2174
Daniel Levitin. Psychologist, author. Followers: 2072
Sandeep Gautam. Blogger. Followers: 1810
David Webb. Psychology tutor, blogger. Followers: 1764
David Eagleman. Neuroscientist, author. Followers: 1687
Ana Loback. Psychologist. Followers: 1249
Maria Panagiotidi. Grad student. Followers: 1223
G. Tendayi Viki. Social psychologist. Followers: 1220
Wendy Cousins. Skeptic. Followers: 1219
Alex Linley. Positive psychologist. Followers: 1162
Rolfe Lindgren. Psychologist, personality expert. Followers: 1053
Chris Atherton. Cognitive psychologist. Followers: 968
Mark Changizi. Cognitive psychologist, author. Followers: 955
Jay Watts. Clinical psychologist, Lacanian. Followers: 901
Jesse Bering. Psychologist, blogger. Followers: 895
Anthony Risser. Neuropsychologist, blogger. Followers: 819
Joseph LeDoux. Neuroscientist, rocker. Followers: 804
Chris French. Anomalistic psychologist. Followers: 745
Jason Goldman. Grad student, blogger. Followers: 693
CoertVisser. Psychologist. Followers: 690
The Neurocritic. Blogger. Followers: 674
Ben Hawkes. Psychologist, comedian. Followers: 638
Sophie Scott. Neuroscientist. Followers: 637
Karen Pine. Psychologist, author. Followers: 629
Dorothy Bishop. Developmental neuropsychologist. Followers: 574
Mark Batey. Creativity expert. Followers: 566
Charles Fernyhough. Developmental psychologist, author. Followers: 529
Cary Cooper. Occupational psychologist. Followers: 526

John Cacioppo. Psychologist, social neuroscientist. Followers: 516
Melanie Greenberg. Clinical health psychologist. Followers: 508

Monica Whitty. Cyberpsychologist. Followers: 492
James Neill. Psychology lecturer. Followers: 489
Olivia Wallis. Positive psychologist. Followers: 474
Eran Katz. Grad student (tweets in Hebrew). Followers: 467
Rob Archer. Organisational psychologist. Followers: 442

Jon Sutton. Editor of The Psychologist. Followers: 438
Christopher H. Ramey. Psychologist. Followers: 408
Hilary Bruffell. Social psychologist. Followers: 383
Manon Eileen. Clinical psychologist & criminologist. Followers: 369

Tom Stafford. Psychologist, author. Followers: 368
Nick Hartley. Trainee clinical psychologist. Followers: 359

Marco Iacoboni. Neuroscientist, mirror neuron expert. Followers: 353
Rory O’Connor. Health psychologist, suicide researcher. Followers: 358
Mike Garth. Sports psychologist. Followers: 349

Rachel Robinson. Child psychologist. Followers: 325
Atle Dyregrov. Psychologist, expert in crisis psychology. Followers: 323
Claudia Hammond. Radio presenter. Followers: 288
Uta Frith. Developmental neuropsychologist, autism expert. Followers: 268
Daryl O’Connor. Health psychologist. Followers: 258
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore. Cognitive neuroscientist. Followers: 253
Sam Edwards. Health psychologist. Followers: 247
Wray Herbert. Writer for APS, author. Followers: 238
Caroline Watt. Parapsychologist. Followers: 236
David Matsumoto. Psychologist and judoka. Followers: 224
Tim Byron. Music psychologist. Followers: 213
Kevin McGrew. Intelligence expert. Followers: 206
Erika Salomon. Grad student. Followers: 206
Andy Fugard. Cognitive scientist. Followers: 187
Karen Franklin. Forensic psychologist. Followers: 176
Sean Nethercott. Psychologist. Followers: 171
Ciarán Mc Mahon. Psychologist. Followers: 155
Patrick Macartney. Psychologist and sociologist. Followers: 149
Daniel Simons. Cognitive psychologist, author. Followers: 145
Janet Civitelli. Counselling psychologist. Followers: 139
Adrian Wale. Cognitive scientist, writer. Followers: 137
Lorna Quandt. Grad student. Followers: 137
Talya Grumberg. Mental health counsellor. Followers: 131
Lila Chrysikou. Psychologist. Followers: 128
Steven Brownlow. Clinical and forensic psychologist. Followers: 124
Rebecca Symes. Sports psychologist. Followers: 115
Craig Bertram. Grad student. Followers: 114
Matteo Cantamesse. Social psychologist. Followers: 108
Mark Hoelterhoff. Experimental existential psychologist. Followers: 105
Johnrev Guilaran. Clinical psychologist trainee. Followers: 104
Gareth Morris. Grad student. Followers: 105
Sanja Dutina. Psychologist. Followers: 101
Valeschka Guerra. Psychology lecturer. Followers: 101
Jenna Condie. Environmental psychologist. Followers: 97
Emma Dunlop. Grad student. Followers: 92
Deb Halasz. Research psychologist. Followers: 90
Jon Simons. Cognitive scientist. Followers: 87
Suzanne Conboy-Hill. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 85
Victoria Galbraith. Counselling psychologist. Followers: 84
Romeo Vitelli. Psychologist in private practice. Followers: 81
Astrid Kitti. Grad student. Followers: 79
John Houser. School psychologist. Followers: 79
Ruthanna Gordon. Psychologist, sustainability expert. Followers: 78
Marc Scully. Social psychologist. Followers: 76
Ken Gilhooly. Cognitive psychologist. Followers: 72
Catriona Morrison. Experimental psychologist. Followers: 69
Jen Lewis. Grad student. Followers: 65
Daniela O’Neill. Developmental psychologist. Followers: 65
Kevin Friery. Psychologist, psychotherapist. Followers: 60
Simon Dymond. Behavioural neuroscientist. Followers: 58
Arvid Kappas. Emotion researcher. Followers: 58
Sue Hartley. Psychologist. Followers: 56
Bex Hewett. PhD student in occupational psychology. Followers: 56
Jui Bhagwat. Child psychologist. Followers: 54
Simon Knight. Psychologist. Followers: 44
Dylan Lopich. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 42
Tom Walton. Grad student. Followers: 40
John Hyland. Experimental psychologist. Followers: 37
Odette Beris. Psychologist and coach. Followers: 35
Gerald Guild. Psychologist, autism specialist. Followers: 33
Gillian Smith. Alcohol and drug researcher. Followers: 32
Nancy Hoffman. Neuropsychologist. Followers: 28
Chris Brand. Cognitive psychologist in training. Followers: 28
Alex Birch. Business psychologist. Followers: 26
Barry McGuinness. Psychologist, writer. Followers: 24
David Yates. Grad student. Followers: 24
David Hughes. Psychologist. Followers: 22
Kathryn Newns. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 21
Philip Collier. Sport & positive psychologist. Followers: 22
Paul Hanges. Organisational psychologist. Followers: 20
Andrew and Sabrina. Psychological scientists. Followers: 18
Bruce Hutchison. Clinical psychologist. Followers 18.
Caitlin Allison. Trainee counselling psychologist. Followers: 17
Margarita Holmes. Psychologist and sex therapist. Followers: 17
John Taylor. Cognitive psychologist. Followers: 16
Alison Price. Occupational psychologist. Followers: 16
Sian Jones. Grad student. Followers: 13
Scott Kaufman. Cognitive psychologist. Followers: 11
Victoria Mason. Psychology lecturer. Followers: 7
Helen Jones. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 7
Chelsea Walsh. Family & marriage therapist. Followers: 4
Lorraine Hope. Cognitive psychologist. Followers: 1

Further reading: @jonmsutton conducts world’s first (probably) psychology-themed Twinterview.

88 thoughts on “Psychologists on Twitter”

  1. My PhD supervisor is Dr. Mark Batey, one the worlds most prominent creativity researchers his name is @markbatey and he has 564 followers. He is a lecturer in occupational psychology at the University of Manchester's Business School. He is a must for this list.

    I personally am a doctoral researcher in psychometric measurement of personality and financial behaviour (e.g. spending, saving, insurance claims behaviour). I have only 20 followers but only joined twitter several weeks ago.(I don't think i'll make the list but no harm in trying) My twitter name is @David_J_Hughes


  2. I'm missing Bruce Hood (Director of the Bristol Cognitive Development Centre in the Experimental Psychology Department at the University of Bristol) with currently 2230 followers.


  3. you may also include Dr. Margarita Holmes (@drmargieholmes)in the list. she's a clinical psychologist/ sex therapist/ author. she also teaches at the University of the Philippines Department of Psychology.


  4. Great idea and great list! I'm a developmental psychologist (U Waterloo) new to twitter since a couple of months. Twitter ID is @daniela_oneill. I tweet about research and information related to children's early language and thinking and narrative cognition. I've currently got 63 followers.


  5. Okay. me too.

    Daniel Simons, prof at U. of Illinois
    @prof.simons (145 followers)

    I also tweet as @invisgorilla (314 followers)
    That account is tweeted jointly with Chris Chabris (prof at Union College), but I do most of the tweeting.


  6. I am just a lowly graduate student but am shifting from using twitter for learning about teaching/education to psychology and am actively engaged and excited to learn from and with others in the field! @candacerachelle over 1300 followers


  7. John Hyland here. Experimental Psychologist. Liking this Twitter Psychologist idea.

    Have aboout 35 followers or so @johnmph



  8. Is there a network of psychologists already in existence? I know that teachers call it a “Professional Learning Network” and share ideas, strategies, articles, etc. Does this already exist in this field? I'm really excited about joining up, if so!


  9. …and me – @lorraine_hope Currently mainly re-tweeting Alain deBotton so currently no followers! But am a Reader in Applied Cognitive Psychology at University of Portsmouth with a particular interest in memory issues (eyewitness memory, interviewing, memory distortions and errors)… might start tweeting about it if anyone is interested!


  10. I'm an NHS Clinical Psychologist and a Clinical Tutor at Staffordshire University – with very few tweets or followers! I can't imagine anyone would want to follow me, and I know very few colleagues who use Twitter! But if you think I make the list then I'm @Zeta08


  11. Hello,
    My name is Talya Grumberg (M.A. Clinical Psych.)
    I'm a mental health counselor specializing in crisis intervention. Also a neuroscience enthusiast and blogger.



  12. @Researchpsych -Health Psychology tweets , 246 followers

    Thanks for making us aware of all of these psychologists on twitter- great idea! Has anyone made a twitter list out of these?


  13. If possible, I'd like to be included on this list. Kris Burns, Certified Counselor, soon-to-be grad student in an MSW program. 9+ years of clinical experience in a rural community mental health center.


  14. Hi,
    I am a social Psychologist hilary_b currently with 382 followers

    It seems that there are a lot of us out there and several different lists, maybe we need a twibe or something?


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