Seven new deadly sins: 2) Iphonophilia

Iphonophilia: ‘The sin of constantly checking one’s smartphone for e- mails/texts/facebook updates, while in conversation with people in the real world,’ says Jessica Tracy at the University of British Columbia. ‘I’m a big fan of these high-tech devices and how much easier they make our lives, but they certainly raise challenges for live interpersonal interactions.’

This post is part of the Research Digest’s Sin Week. Each day for Seven days we’ll be posting a confession, a new sin and a way to be good. The festivities coincide with the publication of a feature-length article on the psychology behind the Seven Deadly Sins in this month’s Psychologist magazine.

2 thoughts on “Seven new deadly sins: 2) Iphonophilia”

  1. Oh yeah! I am also a victim of Iphonophila. Can't just stop checking facebook or twitter updates. I recently read an article on how to restrict ourself from facebook. That really helps me.

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