Eye-catching studies that didn’t make the final cut:

Is there a crisis in moral psychology?

Stigma against the fat body shape is spreading round the world.

We’re more likely to take the stairs (rather than the escalator) if the person before us does. Effect is more modest between strangers.

Experienced therapists’ strategies when facing difficult therapeutic impasses.

Listening to music you don’t like interferes with reading comprehension.

Can eating disorders become ‘contagious’ in group therapy and specialized inpatient care?

Recalling their past immoral behaviours leads people to compensate by behaving more morally.

A new scale for measuring boredom at school.

Early birds flock together – ‘morning’ people are more likely to form a relationship with other morning people (ditto for night owls). ‘…[T]wo extreme chronotypes are unlikely to meet each other because they have the smallest overlap in their preferred active time during the day due to the circadian rhythmicity.’

Bitter tastes make people more likely to feel disgust at moral transgressions.

A forbidden fruit effect: ‘implicitly preventing people from attending to desirable relationship alternatives may undermine, rather than bolster, the strength of that person’s romantic relationship …’

One-year follow-up analysis of cognitive and psychological consequences among survivors of the Wenchuan earthquake.

An examination of the influence of routine behaviour on people’s feelings of safety, confidence, and well-being.

Becoming ‘whole’ again: A qualitative study of women’s views of recovering from anorexia nervosa.

An intergroup investigation of disparaging humor. ‘The findings revealed that both men and women exhibited in-group bias by rating jokes about the opposite gender funnier and more typical than jokes about their own gender…’.

‘…the breastfeeding confederate was rated significantly less competent in general, in math and work specifically, and was less likely to be hired … Results suggest that although breastfeeding may be economical and healthy, the social cost is potentially great’.

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