Eye-catching studies that didn’t make the final cut:

Brain scanning unborn babies to investigate the origins of hemispheric lateralisation.

Media use by people with and without depression.

Children’s belief in an invisible person inhibits their cheating.

The impact of psychopathic traits on relationship satisfaction.

Improving general intelligence with a nutrient-based pharmacological intervention.

Facing an incompetent leader: The effects of a nonexpert leader on subordinates’ perception and behaviour.

Do Horses Have a Concept of Person?

Is there an inversion effect for bodies as well as faces? [background]

A case of beat-deafness, a new form of amusia.

Cross-cultural differences in the factors that lead to the formation of flash-bulb memories.

How the sight of overweight people can lead us to eat more.

Tummy rumblings during psychotherapy.

This post was compiled by Christian Jarrett for the BPS Research Digest.

One thought on “Extras”

  1. Three opf the above 'Extras' are now free top read in full for the next few weeks. Click the links below to go straight through:

    From European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology – Facing an incompetent leader: The effects of a nonexpert leader on subordinates' perception and behaviour: http://goo.gl/9P6hF

    From Visual Cognition – A look at how we look at others: Orientation inversion and photographic negation disrupt the perception of human bodies: http://goo.gl/EljL3

    And from Memory – Cultural variation in the correlates of flashbulb memories: An investigation in five countries: http://goo.gl/ULFLf

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