Digest passes milestone of two million visitors

In the early hours of Saturday morning the BPS Research Digest received its two millionth visitor since counting began in June 2005 (the blog launched in February that year with a posting on driver stereotypes).

To celebrate, we offered the two millionth visitor, or the closest to that number, a free signed copy of The Rough Guide to Psychology, a new book by the editor of the Digest. Two US readers arrived on the blog simultaneously at the crucial moment and were quick off the mark, sending in their screen-shots with the counter poised at two million and one. Both will receive a copy of the book.

Many thanks to them and the rest of you for your ongoing support and interest in the Research Digest. Here at Digest HQ we’re eager to continue spreading the word about the latest fascinating and thought-provoking findings in psychological science, and we look forward to welcoming many more visitors. Please do comment on this post to let us know how we could improve the Digest blog in any way.

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Happy reading!
Christian Jarrett