Our round-up of the latest juicy tit-bits from the world of psychology:

The problem with twin studies (via @mrianleslie). A tendentious view from Slate magazine. For an alternative view, check out the Digest’s own guest post on “Why psychologists study twins“.

The latest issue of The Psychologist magazine is out now, is open access, and has a special focus on Milgram’s classic obedience studies. There’s also a feature on the psychology of better meetings, and much more.

Also, on Milgram – check out this original 1974 Psychology Today interview with Milgram by Carol Tavris.

Free book chapter from The Analysis of Failure: An Investigation of Failed Cases in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. Further info.

New Scientist has a special feature on animal senses.

Cognopedia is a free online brain and cognition encyclopedia. Via @mocost

26 days left to watch the latest episode of Horizon on how the first 9 months of our lives (in the womb) have a far reaching influence on our health and personalities.

The excellent series of “Out of Mind” columns for Prospect magazine, by neuropsychologist Paul Broks, are now free to access and come highly recommended. “Alternately whimsical, profound and poetic, [the column] recounted ephemeral scenes from meetings with brain altered individuals and spun them into reflections on the science and philosophy of human nature,” says @vaughanbell, also rather poetically.

New book: “Brain Culture: Neuroscience and Popular Media” by Davi Thornton.

Confidence intervals made easy. Ben Goldacre makes stats accessible in a column about the media reporting of unemployment stats. Tim Harford replies (and there’s a comment from Ben lower down).

Guardian research suggests Twitter used mainly to react to, rather than orchestrate, the recent English riots.

BBC Radio Four’s Material World had a segment on time perception (from 11 minutes in, although it felt longer).

Reports and news from the Association for Psychological Science‘s recent annual convention.

Get your diaries out: 12 September, Charles Fernyhough, novelist and psychologist, is speaking at the School of Life about memory; 17 Nov Catherine Loveday, neuropsychologist, is giving an open lecture at Uni of Westminster on the brain and music.

Our off-spring title The BPS Occupational Digest has an interesting post on how work technology at home can make it more difficult to unplug psychologically from the office.

Important articles from the 100-year archive of the British Journal of Psychology made free to access.

The latest edition of Head to Head on BBC Radio Four revisited a debate between B F Skinner and Donald Mackay on the question of free will and social control. Contemporary psychologists reflect on the classic debate. via @BPSOfficial

5 “Mindshifting talks on happiness” from TED.

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