Our round-up of the latest juicy tit-bits from the world of psychology:

The Ignobel Awards (psychologists are frequent winners) are coming and will be webcast live on Sept 29th.

Positive pollyannas more frustrated by unmet expectations“: Having too much of a sunny outlook can have its dark side, says Alex Fradera for the BPS Occupational Digest blog.

See what happened when two chatbots had a chat.

“Hey, don’t turn me off!” Debate on robot rights – BBC R4 philosophy programme available to listen on iPlayer.

Love House MD? Love psychology? This forthcoming book’s for you.

Trainee clinical psychologist Nick Hartley reviews Project Nim for the BPS website. (more info on the film).

Kids in day-care could be at risk of stress, says psychologist Aric Sigman (BBC R4 interview). Not so fast, says psychology professor Dorothy Bishop (more from her here).

Gail Porter on her experience of being sectioned (BBC Vid).

The Wellcome Trust image of the month was inspired by HM – the world’s most studied amnesiac.

Bet you can’t resist reading this: Steve Pinker reviews Willpower by Baumeister and Tierney (New York Times).

Feast is taking a break and will return in about three weeks. Catch you then! 

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