Four chances to win a free BPS-approved psychology textbook!


We’ve got two copies of An Introduction to Developmental Psychology (edited by Alan Slater and Gavin Bremner) and two copies of Applied Psychology (edited by Graham Davey) to give away, kindly donated by Wiley-Blackwell.

How to enter
To have a chance to win, please sayΒ why you like the BPS Research Digest: either in a Tweet (mention @researchdigest) or by using the comments function beneath this post. Include the initials DP or AP in your comment, so we know which book you’d prefer, should you win. Also, if you use the comments function here, make sure you leave a way for us to contact you. Next Friday 4 Nov, we’ll pick four different entries (two people from Twitter and two from here) at random as the winners. Good luck!

71 thoughts on “Four chances to win a free BPS-approved psychology textbook!”

  1. I'm a PhD student in psychology and I love visiting BPS research digest to keep myself updated with research in areas other than my research interest. A copy of AP would be a bonus for me! Cheers

  2. The research digest is exactly that – easy to digest. As a masters student it gives me updates on new exciting research, in an easy to read and 'digest' way. It definitely helps to raise your level of thinking and critical analysis, whilst reading about cutting-edge and FUN research in topics you might not otherwise read about. AP

  3. I love getting the more light-hearted and even bizarre psychology stories in my Twitter and Facebook feeds. Things that don't tend to come up in my usual literature searches!


  4. The research digest is an extremely informative site linking interesting relevant topics with scientific basis. I love the fact that all the interesting articles are handpicked for us to read. It definitely helps to develop critical thinking and is fundamentally an enjoyable read in a day that can get bogged down with journal-hunting! AP

  5. Love the Digest precisely for being an excellent daily resource for psych news, research, and info. πŸ˜‰ DP

  6. I can honestly say that I've never read through a BPS Research Digest update without learning something new. The updates are written in such a way that I never feel excluded from topics that I am new to. Its accessibility is also great, and allows people in any stage their career to keep track of whats happening in the world of research.

    AP if I'm lucky!


  7. The BPS Research Digest was recommended to me by my old psychology teacher and i'm so glad she did! BPS Research Digest is full with loads of interesting research that applies so easily to everyday life and makes it simplier to understand for people with small knowledge but massive interest in psychology. AP Please

  8. I just started learning psychology and got to know about this BPS research digest when I searched for extra readings. I think this is my good luck in googling. Am reading continuously…very interesting and great amount of knowledge. Thank you !!!

    DP is my interest

  9. The BPS research digest is a brilliant way to keep up to date with new research, a lot of it makes the brain cogs start to turn. It is brilliant for stimulating conversations between different individuals; students, lecturers, professionals and those who are just generally interested in psychology.

    As well as this, the frequent links to radio shows and television programmes which are relevant is helpful as often they are given obscure titles, so putting it all together is a brilliant resource for everyone.

    AP Please. (

  10. A really enjoyable and easy read packed with so much relevant psychology information. Love the BPS Research Digests so much that I have started downloading all the past issues. AP looks great πŸ™‚

  11. i find the digest beneficial because as a graduate it keeps me up to date with current psychological research that I may otherwise not come across. A short abstract in an email is worth the read should it be a paper I wish to read further AP I think it has to be

  12. BPS posted an article on Facebook,
    That was informative, fun and had a great hook.
    By the end of the day,
    I'd read ten more to sustain,
    My new thirst for psych research and psych books!

    AP please xD

  13. as a psychology student, the BPS reader's digest is an excellent way to supplement my knowledge and wider reading. it motivates to know more about the subject. therefore for me it is a fundamental part of my journey in psychological knowledge.

    AP –

  14. The BPS research digest opens doors to areas that I haven't yet come across in the course of my studies and goes some way towards quenching my thirst for psychological knowledge.

    DP please πŸ™‚

  15. Being a teacher and student of psychology i love BPS because it refresh my information.And i share these informations with others.BPS is a treaure to me.Dp plz

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