Four chances to win a free BPS-approved psychology textbook!


We’ve got two copies of An Introduction to Developmental Psychology (edited by Alan Slater and Gavin Bremner) and two copies of Applied Psychology (edited by Graham Davey) to give away, kindly donated by Wiley-Blackwell.

How to enter
To have a chance to win, please sayΒ why you like the BPS Research Digest: either in a Tweet (mention @researchdigest) or by using the comments function beneath this post. Include the initials DP or AP in your comment, so we know which book you’d prefer, should you win. Also, if you use the comments function here, make sure you leave a way for us to contact you. Next Friday 4 Nov, we’ll pick four different entries (two people from Twitter and two from here) at random as the winners. Good luck!

71 thoughts on “Four chances to win a free BPS-approved psychology textbook!”

  1. I like the BPS digest because it's mixes the witty and fringe topics in with the serious stuff. There always something in there that catches my fancy. DP

  2. BPS Digest is great for a psychology student at the very beginning of her studies. It is interesting and sometimes useful for my essays. AP please!

  3. I graduated B.S Psychology but now I'm studying I.T. This blog is the only thing that keeps me from forgetting my previous major. I like BPS because it's really informative and the posts are applicable in real life.

    AP please.

  4. As a pyschology student and communications practitioner, BPS research digest is an excellent resource which highlights studies which I wouldn't otherwise be aware of. Peter Serjent. (AP.)

  5. BPS-research digest covers a broad area of interest and does so with well-written, concise and engaging material. For me it is one way of getting more interested and up to date on all good research that is out there πŸ™‚
    Thank you.

    AP if I win please.

  6. I like the BPS Research Digest, mainly because it ecourages me as a psychology student to come up with better experiments


  7. I have just recently started studying Psychology and even though I have only been studying it for a few weeks my interest for it has been enflamed after stumbling across the BPS Digest a year ago.
    It is informative and covers a huge variety of interesting topics, there is always something to entertain you. Also unlike a textbook I have never grown bored whilst reading it and I highly doubt that anyone else has either.

  8. BPS Research Digest provides us the most updated and interesting researches on psychology. It is convenient for me to enhance my psychology knowledge but no need to spend time on reading the whole research paper. DP


  9. I like it because the people who work there are all so god-damned beautiful.

    I'd like both please.

  10. The BPS research digest is extremely useful for university assignments since it covers many aspects of a degree programme but it also appeals to a wider audience. Interesting and informative, it certainly provides a good read. AP please.

  11. Research Digest is a brilliant resource that really keeps me up-to-date with what's happening in the world of Psychology right now. It gives me an edge in my degree and will continue to do so when I become a BPS Graduate Member πŸ™‚

  12. Research Digest not only provides me with examples of great research but also with articles that make me smile or ponder. It is very relevant to me as an undergraduate and also on an individual, personal basis. It is an invaluable resource which I appreciate.

    AP please, if I win. Thank you!

  13. hello i'm student from indonesia, sorry if my english was bad. i'd like to read this blog from recommended my friend from twitter @researchdigest this blog so helpful for me to read resume of journal and the research so interisting also practising my english.
    i hope i can get AP please. contact me at
    thank you πŸ™‚

  14. For a psychology student who is still looking for her way of working, BPS reaserch is best tool anyone can imagine. Thanks to you I can learn about reaserches, ideas and experments which are both intersting and reliable. There's a lot of things I've never heard about, before I found you and now I can consider those things planning my future as a psychologist. Thank you!!!
    AP πŸ™‚

  15. I thoroughly enjoy the BPS Research Digest for three reasons:

    1) Easily digestible information. As others have noted, your content is much more accessible than other scholarly work.

    2) Accuracy of content. Research-based, rather than popularized – which interestingly enough, makes it more popular:)

    3) Useful. I teach general psychology and apply psychological theory and techniqes regularly. I always find something useful in your stuff.

    Hard to choose between the two volumes, but the edge goes to AP.

  16. I like BPS Research Digest because I like to comment on other blogs related to psychology, like wordpress told me to…The blog that i have to do as part of my course… (Maybe I like being told what to do?) Only joking, I find it a really useful way of picking up little bits of information that may come in useful in my course and discussions.

    Actually Double Bluff, it was really the first reason…

    AP please!

  17. I like BRS Research Digest because I've recently retired from teaching and it's an interesting and enjoyable way of keeping up with what's transpired since my time. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

    AP, please!

  18. DP

    BPS Research Digest is a really good way to get an overview of current psych research. It's very readable, but not “dumbed down”. The posts manage to be humorous without being foolish.

  19. I have BPS on my Google Reader because as a graduate student, I get absorbed in my research area, and BPS is a nice window into “everything else going on outside my little world!” I also really like the graphic of the chocolate bits. It reminds me of baking cakes when I was a kid :O)

  20. I like using BPS to monitor current issues in research. I learn so much more from my BPS feed than I do on my continuing education activities! DP

  21. Digest has been beneficial in expanding my knowledge of psychology in a short and accessible manner. As an undergrad student, there are still some areas of psych that we do not cover, therefore blogs such as Digest are wonderful in communicating a wide range of interesting issues which have helped to enhance my studies.

    AP please

  22. The Digest gives me easy access to a range of topics I wouldn't normally read about, and makes them a joy to read. I particularly love your special issue spotter! It's been quite apt at spotting those special issues that fall into the venn diagramatic overlap of “areas that are of interest to me” and “papers I haven't heard about”. AP

  23. I work in the business world and have no formal psychology training. Despite my lack of depth in the field, I have found this site to be incredibly helpful in my work. I especially appreciate the peer-reviewed evidence-based information it presents.

    -Ed MacDougall

    I would prefer the DP book should I win…
    If I don't win DP, then I would prefer AP!


  24. I think you can easily get bogged down in the area of research you personally focus on so the BPS Research Digest gives you the opportunity to find out about other (often fun!) research πŸ™‚ DP

  25. Good morning,

    As I am a first year student BPS Research Digest gives me a good glimpse on what is out there. So basically it is my gate to the world of research.

    AP please and my mail is

  26. I like the BPS because it gives me quick and easy access to current exciting research. It keeps me updated on what is happenning within my field and points me in the direction of topics I might not have considered before.
    AP please.

  27. I like the research digest because while I'm digging for gems in my own data (yes I'm in the crowd doing IPA!) it keeps an eye on all the other gems out there – and gives me the occasional smile!

    AP please.

  28. Your posts interrupt the pattern of my thinking with stuff I'd never think to go looking for. There's something everyday I have to pass on to someone else.

    AP please

  29. Being a mature student that is new to Psychology, it has been very welcome and utterly refreshing to find a site that speaks in plain english and reminds you of why you wanted to study the subject in the first place. The best and most reliably informative study buddy I have ever met. Long may our friendship continue. Thanks. AP please. x

  30. I graduated in 1987 and forgot why I studied psychology and how it impacts all aspects of our lives. I have recently started promoting psychological research findings to the world of workplace design. The Digest informs me of relevant research and that not so relevant but interesting., AP please

  31. I love BPS because it gives me inspiration to study Psychology. BPS brings together students, researchers, teachers, etc all together to share one goal; to understand the human mind. I hope the BPS lives on for many generations to come.

    DP would be very helpful.

  32. this site is a must for all my psychology students, within weeks of them starting their A level psychology course with me I ask them all to subscribe to the newsletter, this fuels many discussions in class and gives them a real insight into psychological issues as they are researched. thank you for an excellent resource DP please – contact at

  33. I like the BPS research digest because it helps enhance my knowledge of psychology. It also provides us the most updated and interesting researches on psychology. , DP please.

  34. I find BPS Research Digest a valuable resource as it provides me with great examples of current innovative psychological research and it keeps me updated on a wide range of research topics that I might not have otherwise searched for or read about. I find the twitter and facebook updates/links very useful as the articles would be more accessible this way.
    AP will be useful if I win!

    My email is
    Thank you!

  35. I love the digest because when I get in from a busy day at work I still feel I am in the field of psychology. I teach psychology A level and enjoy sharing the information with my students. The short snippets are attention grabbing and very useful for everyday life. Psychology was definitely in need of this – well done!

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