Eye-catching studies that didn’t make the final cut:

Asch experiment replicated with 6-year-old kids.

Still got it? What happens to narcissists’ personalities when they get older?

Depressive realism research. Mild depression (but not moderate) linked with greater insight into one’s own memory performance.

Teens who completed exercises focusing on their strengths showed boosts to their life satisfaction.

A taxonomy of kids’ cries: “Screaming, yelling, whining, and crying: Categorical and intensity differences in vocal expressions of anger and sadness in children’s tantrums

Relevant to the Norwegian killer? The psychology of lone-wolf terrorism.

Seems obvious. Bored employees more likely to indulge in horseplay and other counter-productive behaviours at work.

Evidence for increased aggression in breast-feeding mothers.

No it can’t. “Can It Read My Mind?” – What Do the Public and Experts Think of the Current (Mis)Uses of Neuroimaging?

Come on the Seagulls! Chanting football spectators show heightened aggression after a game, compared with non-chanters.

Emotions in music: “The results show that six basic emotions are perceivable in musical segments previously unknown to the listeners“.

50 years on … mental distress linked to the Nagasaki bomb.

Post written by Christian Jarrett for the BPS Research Digest.