Two chances to win the BPS-approved Psychopathology textbook by Graham Davey

update 23 Jan: This competition is now closed.

update 12 Jan 2012 12.15 hrs: We still don’t have our second winner! OK – simply RT the Digest’s Twitter message about this competition today and I’ll pick a winner at random at the end of the day. Good luck. 

update 9 Jan 2012, 10.22 hrs: The rules of the competition have been relaxed. There’s still one copy left to win. Now you need only have someone with more than 50,000 followers retweet you mentioning @researchdigest and #psychopathologycomp. The winner themselves must have fewer than 50,000 followers. Let me know (via @researchdigest) if you succeed. The first person to succeed, and inform me they’ve done so, will win the book. Good luck!

update 19 Dec, 13.50hrs: one copy still left to be won.

We’ve got two copies of the BPS-approved textbook Psychopathology by Graham Davey to give away, kindly donated to us by Wiley-Blackwell.

How to win
This competition challenges your influence on Twitter. Your task is to get someone with a verified Twitter account to retweet (old style new or old style) you mentioning @researchdigest and #psychopathologycomp. The first two people to achieve this goal will win a copy of the book. Make sure you tweet us (@researchdigest) when you think you’ve succeeded. Good luck!

Small print

Sorry, on this occasion, holders of verified Twitter accounts cannot win the book for themselves. 

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