Link feast

In case you missed them, here are 10 of the best psychology links from the past week:

1. Nobel Laureate and psychology grandee Daniel Kahneman has written an open letter to all researchers in social priming research, advising them on steps to take to avert the “train wreck” that’s looming for their field.

2. The publishers SAGE are currently running a free trial of all their online content, which includes all their psychology journals (with titles like Psychological Science). Requires registration, offer runs until end of this month.

3. The moral psychology expert Jonathan Haidt was interviewed on the latest Social Science Bites podcast (the link also takes you to a handy transcript of the interview).

4. I’ve often wondered this – if you can’t sleep, how much good does it do you to just lie there with your eyes close? (more sleep myths and facts)

5. “Fake it until you become it”. Newly posted TED talk from social psychologist Amy Cuddy on how your body language and posture affects your hormone levels and how you feel about yourself (as a bonus it includes a cringe-inducing clip featuring former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown). We’ve covered related research on the Digest.

6. Two great minds passed away last month, RIP Thomas Szasz and Griffith Edwards.

7. How do they manage to keep on smiling at Disney World?

8. The excellent Digital Human radio programme has returned to BBC Radio 4 for a second series (see also).

9. Do people really drink more from curved glasses? Tom Stafford with a great analysis of a new study and its treatment by the media (one of the study authors also joins in the conversation via comments).

10. Was behaviourism’s founder, John Watson, really fired from his university post for conducting sex research?
Post compiled by Christian Jarrett for the BPS Research Digest.