The Special Issue Spotter

We trawl the world’s journals so you don’t have to:

Inventing the Psychosocial: Stress and Social Psychiatry (History of the Human Sciences).

Sibling relationships (open-access virtual special issue from Wiley).

Organisational Psychology (Journal of Applied Social Psychology).

Assessment in clinical practice and research (open-access virtual issue of the British Journal of Clinical Psychology).

Cyberbullying research: new perspectives and alternative methodologies (Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology).

Facial Expressions (Emotion Review).

Advanced Human-Computer Interaction (Computers in Human Behaviour).

Poverty and Mental Health (Journal of Clinical Psychology).

How Does the Brain Process Time? (Neuropsychologia).

Men’s Health: Masculinity and Other Influences on Male Health Behaviors (Health Psychology).
Post compiled by Christian Jarrett (@psych_writer) for the BPS Research Digest.