Link feast

In case you missed them – 10 of the best psych links from the past week:

1. The pleasures and perils of the open-plan office

2. CBBC broadcast a documentary featuring teenagers with Face Blindness It involved researchers from Bournemouth Uni who have launched a Public awareness campaign for Face Blindness (technical name – prosopagnosia).

3. Are left-handers really more creative? Three Myths and Three Facts About Left-Handers.

4. UK health advisory body NICE issued its first ever treatment guidelines for conduct disorder in childrenClinical psychologist Gordon Milson explains why he’s concerned.

5. New London play Ninevah explores the psychological impact of war on child soldiers.

6. Nudge co-author Cass Sunstein featured on BBC Radio4’s Analysis programme – now on iPlayer.

7. Are you the kind of person who benefits from conflict at work? (new research covered by the Occupational Digest)

8. Primatologist Jane Goodall accused of committing plagiarism in her latest book.

9. How to dress for success.

10. Can you train yourself to get by on less sleep? Claudia Hammond’s latest BBC future column.

— Looking ahead to the weekend and beyond … This Saturday in London … Tricks of the Mind: Come and hear some of the world’s leading experts explain how our minds can distort and deceive and then on Thursday eve, also in London, Salon’s guests discuss whether there’s a psycho in your life, and also what we can learn from psychopaths.
Post compiled by Christian Jarrett (@psych_writer) for the BPS Research Digest.