The 100+ most followed psychologists and neuroscientists on Twitter

Here are the 100+ most followed psychologists and neuroscientists on Twitter based on follower counts recorded over the last few weeks. If we’ve missed anyone who should be here, please let us know via comments and we’ll add them in. This is an update to our September 2011 post “Psychologists who Tweet“. Check the comments to that earlier post for even more psychologists on Twitter than we were able to include here.

Andrew Mendonsa. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 688276
Kiki Sanford. Neurophysiologist turned sci communicator. Followers: 150106
Sam Harris. Neuroscientist, author. Followers: 142451
Richard Wiseman. Psychologist, blogger and author. Followers: 121261
Laura Kauffman. Child psychologist. Followers: 106623
Steven Pinker. Evolutionary psychologist, author. Followers: 74775
George Huba. Psychologist. Followers: 53644
Leah Klungness. Author and psychologist. Followers: 53063
Dolors Reig. Social psychologist (tweets in Spanish). Followers: 51383
Oliver Sacks. Neurologist and author. Followers: 50504
Dan Ariely. Behavioural Economist, author. Followers: 49533
Travis Langley. Psychologist. Followers: 33621
Marsha Lucas. Neuropsychologist. Followers: 31273
BPS Research Digest. The BPS Research Digest! Followers: 30007
Melanie Greenberg. Clinical health psychologist. Followers: 28104
Miguel Escotet. Psychologist. Followers: 25464
Yankı Yazgan. Child psychiatrist/ psychology faculty. Followers: 23280
Aleks Krotoski. Psychologist, tech journalist. Followers: 22583
Neuroskeptic. Blogger and neuroscientist. Followers: 19851
Jo Hemmings. Celebrity psychologist. Followers: 19548
Vaughan Bell. Clinical neuropsychologist, blogger. Followers: 17992
Melissa McCreery. Clinical Psychologist. Followers: 17289
Richard Thaler. Behavioural economist. Followers: 16709.
Jeremy Dean. Blogger. Followers: 16404
Dylan William. Educational psychologist. Followers: 16261
Mo Costandi. Writer, blogger. Followers: 15689
David Eagleman. Neuroscientist, author. Followers: 15509
Noah Gray. Neuroscience editor. Followers: 14923
Sun Wolf. Social neuroscientist. Followers: 14728
David Ballard. Work psychologist. Followers: 14479
The Psychologist magazine. Followers: 14176
BPS Official. Followers 14169
David Dobbs. Neuroscience writer. Followers: 13998
Anthony Risser. Neuropsychologist, blogger. Followers: 13245
Daniel Levitin. Psychologist, author. Followers: 12985
Heidi GrantHalvorson. Social psychologist. Followers: 12124
Craig Malkin. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 12066
Kelly McGonigal. Psychologist. Followers: 11771
Honey Langcaster-James. Psychologist and coach. Followers: 11291
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore. Cognitive neuroscientist. Followers: 10373
Ciaran O’Keeffe. Parapsychologist. Followers: 10251
Todd Kashdan. Psychologist. Followers: 9991
Dorothy Bishop. Developmental neuropsychologist. Followers: 9976
Petra Boynton. Psychologist, sex educator. Followers: 9895
Andrea Letamendi. Clinical psychologist. Followers:
Susan Whitbourne. Psychologist. Followers: 9593
Dean Burnett. Neuroscientist and comedian. Followers: 9216
Jay Watts. Clinical psychologist, Lacanian. Followers: 8719
Amy Cuddy. Social psychologist. Followers: 8409
Jonathan Haidt. Psychologist. Followers: 7899
David Webb. Psychology tutor, blogger. Followers: 7851
Uta Frith. Developmental neuropsychologist, autism expert. Followers: 7774
David Rock. Work psychologist. Followers: 7611
Micah Allen. Cognitive neuroscientist. Followers: 7537
Dan Gilbert. Psychologist. Followers: 7529
Simon Baron-Cohen. Developmental psychologist. Followers: 7383
Professor Bob. Psychologist. Followers: 7275
Graham Jones. Internet (cyber) psychologist. Followers: 7255
Lee Keyes. Psychologist. Followers: 7229
Christian Jarrett. Editor of the BPS Research Digest. Followers: 7135
Margarita Holmes. Psychologist and sex therapist. Followers: 7053
Paul Bloom. Psychologist. Followers: 7050
Cary Cooper. Occupational psychologist. Followers: 6876
Bruce Hood. Cognitive scientist. Followers: 6814
Susan Weinschenk. Psychologist and author. Followers: 6561
Timothy Lomauro. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 6123
Jay Dadlani. Psychologist. Followers: 5981
Todd Finnerty. Psychologist. Followers: 5783
Bradley Voytek. Neuroscientist and self-professed geek. Followers: 5775
Miriam Law-Smith. Clinical evolutionary psychologist. Followers: 5700
Claudia Hammond. Radio presenter. Followers: 5661
Pam Spurr. Agony aunt. Followers: 5646
John Grohol. Founder of Psychcentral. Followers: 5612
Maria Konnikova. Neuroscience blogger and author. Followers: 5588
Jason Goldman. Developmental & evolutionary psychologist, blogger. Followers: 5382
Andrea Kuszewski. Robopsychologist. Followers: 5329
G. Tendayi Viki. Social psychologist. Followers: 5224
Kathleen Young. Clinical Psychologist. Followers: 5116

Sophie Scott. Neuroscientist. Followers: 4954

Neuro Bonkers. Blogger. Followers: 4944
Jon Sutton. Editor of The Psychologist. Followers: 4448
Marco Iacoboni. Neuroscientist, mirror neuron expert. Followers: 4396
Jesse Bering. Psychologist, blogger. Followers: 4154
Rita Handrich. Psychologist, editor. Followers: 4152
Sandeep Gautam. Blogger. Followers: 4022
Steven Brownlow. Clinical and forensic psychologist. Followers: 3979
Joseph LeDoux. Neuroscientist, rocker. Followers: 3911
The Neurocritic. Blogger. Followers: 3894
Chris French. Anomalistic psychologist. Followers: 3818
Gary Marcus. Psychologist, author and blogger. Followers: 3801
Lyle Becourtney. Specialist in anger management. Followers: 3739
Mark Changizi. Cognitive psychologist, author. Followers: 3610
Earl Miller. Cognitive neuroscientist. Followers: 3562
Judith Beck. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 3420
Pam Dodd. Organisational psychologist. Followers: 3321
Kevin Mitchell. Neurogeneticist. Followers: 3317
Maria Panagiotidi. Grad student. Followers: 3263
Hugo Spiers. Neuroscientist. Followers: 3137
John Cacioppo. Psychologist, social neuroscientist. Followers: 3133
Daniel Simons. Cognitive psychologist, author. Followers: 3285
Scott Kaufman. Cognitive psychologist, author. Followers: 3190
Rory O’Connor. Health psychologist, suicide researcher. Followers: 3162
Andy Field. Psychologist and stats whiz. Followers: 3015
Brian MacDonald. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 3015
Geraint Rees. Neuroscientist. Followers: 3005
Wendy Cousins. Psychologist and skeptic. Followers: 2881
Roxana Rudzik-Shaw. Counselling psychologist. Followers: 2862
Prerana Shrestha. Neuroscientist. Followers: 2833
Björn Brembs. Neurobiologist. Followers: 2828
Aaron Kucyi. Neuroscientist. Followers: 2818
Brian Earp. Psychologist. Followers: 2733
Molly Crockett. Neuroscientist. Followers: 2726
Chris Atherton. Cognitive psychologist. Followers: 2718
David Timony. Educational psychologist. Followers: 2593
Rebecca Symes. Sports psychologist. Followers: 2559
Charles Fernyhough. Developmental psychologist, author. Followers: 2545
Andrew and Sabrina. Psychological scientists. Followers: 2540
BPS Occupational Digest. The BPS Occupational Digest. Followers: 2497
Daniel Willingham. Psychologist. Followers: 2390
Atle Dyregrov. Psychologist, expert in crisis psychology. Followers: 2381
Jon Simons. Cognitive neuroscientist. Followers: 2380
Ana Loback. Psychologist. Followers: 2348
Fretes Torruella. Educational psychologist. Followers: 2301
Tom Stafford. Psychologist, author. Followers: 2298
Jon Simons. Cognitive scientist. Followers: 2151
Jon Brock. Autism blogger, wannabe neuroscientist. Followers: 2125
Tom Hartley. Neuroscientist. Followers: 2030
Keith Laws. Cognitive neuropsychologist. Followers: 2007
Shelley Bonanno. Psychodynamic psychotherapist. Followers: 1924
Chris Chambers. Psychologist and neuroscientist. Followers: 1917
Rolfe Lindgren. Psychologist, personality expert. Followers: 1860
Patricia Lockwood. Psychologist, cognitive neuroscientist. Followers: 1860
Wray Herbert. Writer for APS, author. Followers: 1859
Frederik Anseel. Work psychologist. Followers: 1805
Luis Valdes. Sports psychologist. Followers: 1801
Rob Archer. Organisational psychologist. Followers: 1781
Adam Alter. Marketing psychologist. Followers: 1748
Michael Britt. Podcast host. Followers: 1747
Graham Davey. Psychologist. Followers: 1734
Jonathan Wai. Psychologist. Followers: 1722
Michelle Dawson. Autistic researcher. Followers: 1666
Alex Linley. Positive psychologist. Followers: 1611
Jamie Madigan. Cyberpsychologist. Followers: 1610
Manon Eileen. Clinical psychologist and criminologist. Followers: 1595
Michael Hogan. Psychologist and neuroscientist. Followers: 1570
Mark Stokes. Cognitive neuroscientist. Followers: 1560
Vanessa Bohns. Social psychologist. Followers: 1547
Karen Pine. Psychologist, author. Followers: 1546
Monica Whitty. Cyberpsychologist. Followers: 1543
Pete Etchells. Biological psychologist. Followers: 1536
Ioannis Nikolaou. Organisational psychologist. Followers: 1534
David Matsumoto. Psychologist and judoka. Followers: 1527
Victoria Galbraith. Counselling psychologist. Followers: 1482
Dave Brodbeck. Comparative/evolutionary psychologist. Followers: 1474
Christine Allen. Clinical psychologist and executive coach. Followers: 1470
Daryl O’Connor. Health psychologist. Followers: 1470
Sally Canning. Clinical Psychologist. Followers: 1469
Peter Kinderman. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 1464
Sanjay Srivastava. Psychologist. Followers: 1408
Christopher Chabris. Cognitive psychologist. Followers: 1398
Jonathan Firth. Psychology teacher and author. Followers: 1393
Sandra Aamodt. Neuroscience writer. Followers: 1366
Voula Grand. Psychologist and writer. Followers: 1355

Jenna Condie. Environmental psychologist. Followers: 1320
Ciaran Mc Mahon. Psychologist. Followers: 1304
Matt Wall. Neuroscientist. Followers: 1293

If we’ve missed any psychologists or neuroscientists who should be in the top 100 please let us know via comments and we’ll add them in.

–Thanks to Emma Smith for help with compiling the update. 

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  1. @SPSPnews (Society for Personality and Social Psychology) has 1570 followers

  2. Noah Gray (@noahwg) with almost 15k followers
    David Dobbs (@David_Dobbs) with almost 14k
    I might sneak onto the end of this list with 1364 (@sandra_aamodt)

  3. Earl Miller, Cognitive Neuroscientist at MIT @MillerLabMIT 3,557 followers

  4. This is very cool! Thanks for compiling! But I'm not sure what you mean by work psychologist; I'm a social psychologist.

  5. How could you miss Sam Harris? @SamHarrisOrg Author, Neuroscientist: 142,415 followers.

  6. Very good point! In which case I'd put forward James C Coyne @coyneoftherealm. Interesting to see that the top tweeter Mendonsa has lost 200+k followers over the past few weeks. According to twitter he only has 400+k followers and not 600+ mentioned here!

  7. My attention has just been drawn to this – for the record I'm not the 'anonymous' person who kindly pointed out that I'm on twitter (as of a year ago). Thanks I have @6000 followers.

  8. Dr. Philip Zimbardo @PhilZimbardo (Stanford Prison Experiment, The Lucifer Effect, The Time Cure) 5,473 followers

  9. I might suggest to add my accounts @WilliamPRyanPhd and @CaringTherapy – both accounts have over 3000 followers and will followback related fields psychotherapist,Psychologist, Counselors, Life Coach on Twitter. Thank you for this great list of therapist on twitter.

  10. Angela Gilchrist @cyberwhispers Clinical Psychologist Senior Lecturer and Journalist 1299 followers

  11. This is awesome! Emma Seppala @emmaseppala 2035 followers; Adam Grant 11,971 followers

  12. Shall I be on the list, as Italian female Neuroscientist ? :)) @AliceProverbio 1301 followers

  13. Hi, Christian, I'd love to be on your twitter list. I tweet as @miltonbroome on Cyberpsychology and Developmental Psychology. Dr Simon Bignell (University of Derby).

  14. @PakerMurat (clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, Turkey) 2100+ followers

  15. @DrMelissaSinger (2597 followers) – Psychologist specializing in comprehensive psychological, cognitive, educational and neuropsychological assessment

  16. I was voted on of the top psychology professors to follow on Twitter. @DeborahSerani 10K + followers. Please consider including me. Thanks!

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