The 100 most followed psychologists and neuroscientists on Twitter

Updated for 2014, here are the 100 most followed psychologists and neuroscientists on Twitter based on follower counts recorded over the last few weeks. You can follow all 100 as a Twitter list here (thanks @psychoBoBlogy). If we’ve missed anyone who should be in the top 100, please let us know via comments and we’ll add them in to future iterations of the list. This is an update to our July 2013 postCheck the comments to that earlier post for even more psychologists on Twitter than we were able to include here.

Andrew Mendonsa. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 364822
Sam Harris. Neuroscientist, author. Followers: 184675
Kiki Sanford. Neurophysiologist turned sci communicator. Followers: 160730
Richard Wiseman. Psychologist, blogger and author. Followers: 128927
Steven Pinker. Evolutionary psychologist, author. Followers: 113671
Laura Kauffman. Child psychologist. Followers: 106763
Oliver Sacks. Neurologist and author. Followers: 65207
George Huba. Psychologist. Followers: 62246
Dan Ariely. Behavioural Economist, author. Followers: 61143
Leah Klungness. Author and psychologist. Followers: 55908
Dolors Reig. Social psychologist (tweets in Spanish). Followers: 55383
BPS Research Digest. The BPS Research Digest! Followers: 38113
Travis Langley. Psychologist. Followers: 37107
Melanie Greenberg. Clinical health psychologist. Followers: 32929
Miguel Escotet. Psychologist. Followers: 32382
Yankı Yazgan. Child psychiatrist/ psychology faculty. Followers: 32260
Marsha Lucas. Neuropsychologist. Followers: 31916
Neuroskeptic. Blogger and neuroscientist. Followers: 31331
Dylan William. Educational psychologist. Followers: 24258
Anthony Risser. Neuropsychologist, blogger. Followers: 24139
Richard Thaler. Behavioural economist. Followers: 24006
Aleks Krotoski. Psychologist, tech journalist. Followers: 23498
The Psychologist magazine. Followers: 23376

Vaughan Bell. Clinical neuropsychologist, blogger. Followers: 21397
Jo Hemmings. Celebrity psychologist. Followers: 21394
Jeremy Dean. Blogger. Followers: 20179
BPS Official. Followers: 20126

Mo Costandi. Writer, blogger. Followers: 18543
David Eagleman. Neuroscientist, author. Followers: 18414
David Dobbs. Neuroscience writer. Followers: 18085
Noah Gray. Neuroscience editor. Followers: 17661
Kelly McGonigal. Psychologist. Followers: 17655
David Ballard. Work psychologist. Followers: 16431
Sun Wolf. Social neuroscientist. Followers: 15789
Melissa McCreery. Clinical Psychologist. Followers: 15711
Daniel Levitin. Psychologist, author. Followers: 14697
Amy Cuddy. Social psychologist. Followers: 14449
Heidi GrantHalvorson. Social psychologist. Followers: 14030
Craig Malkin. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 13489
Dorothy Bishop. Developmental neuropsychologist. Followers: 13077
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore. Cognitive neuroscientist. Followers: 13019
Ciaran O’Keeffe. Parapsychologist. Followers: 12865
Dean Burnett. Neuroscientist and comedian. Followers: 12612
Susan Whitbourne. Psychologist. Followers: 12079
Dan Gilbert. Psychologist. Followers: 11267
Honey Langcaster-James. Psychologist and coach. Followers: 11241
Jonathan Haidt. Psychologist. Followers: 11042
Paul Bloom. Psychologist. Followers: 11020
Simon Baron-Cohen. Developmental psychologist. Followers: 10762
Todd Kashdan. Psychologist. Followers: 10732
Petra Boynton. Psychologist, sex educator. Followers: 10558
Andrea Letamendi. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 10395

Uta Frith. Developmental neuropsychologist, autism expert. Followers: 10545
Christian Jarrett. Editor of the Research Digest. Followers: 10310
David Webb. Psychology tutor, blogger. Followers: 10117
Micah Allen. Cognitive neuroscientist. Followers: 9960
Jay Watts. Clinical psychologist, Lacanian. Followers: 9298
Professor Bob. Psychologist. Followers: 9182
David Rock. Work psychologist. Followers: 8848
Lee Keyes. Psychologist. Followers: 8790
Susan Weinschenk. Psychologist and author. Followers: 8647
Cary Cooper. Occupational psychologist. Followers: 8563
Margarita Holmes. Psychologist and sex therapist. Followers: 8411
Maria Konnikova. Neuroscience blogger and author. Followers: 7805
Bradley Voytek. Neuroscientist and self-professed geek. Followers: 7704
Pam Spurr. Agony aunt. Followers: 7590
Graham Jones. Internet (cyber) psychologist. Followers: 7356
Timothy Lomauro. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 7350
Bruce Hood. Cognitive scientist. Followers: 7338
Jason Goldman. Developmental/evolutionary psychologist. Followers: 7308
Claudia Hammond. Radio presenter. Followers: 7171
Neuro Bonkers. Blogger. Followers: 7095
Sophie Scott. Neuroscientist. Followers: 7067

Todd Finnerty. Psychologist. Followers: 7059
Andrea Kuszewski. Robopsychologist. Followers: 6515
John Grohol. Founder of Psychcentral. Followers: 6367
Jay Dadlani. Psychologist. Followers: 6300
Jesse Bering. Psychologist, blogger. Followers: 5753
Kathleen Young. Clinical Psychologist. Followers: 5601

G. Tendayi Viki. Social psychologist. Followers: 5548
Scott Kaufman. Cognitive psychologist, author. Followers: 5392
Marco Iacoboni. Neuroscientist, mirror neuron expert. Followers: 5204
Miriam Law-Smith. Clinical evolutionary psychologist. Followers: 4996
Steven Brownlow. Clinical and forensic psychologist. Followers: 4995
Lyle Becourtney. Specialist in anger management. Followers: 4845
Kevin Mitchell. Neurogeneticist. Followers: 4841
Jon Sutton. Editor of The Psychologist. Followers: 4824
Gary Marcus. Psychologist, author and blogger. Followers: 4722
Rory O’Connor. Health psychologist, suicide researcher. Followers: 4640
Earl Miller. Cognitive neuroscientist. Followers: 4626
Sandeep Gautam. Blogger. Followers: 4587
Joseph LeDoux. Neuroscientist, rocker. Followers: 4546
Hugo Spiers. Neuroscientist. Followers: 4484
Chris French. Anomalistic psychologist. Followers: 4408
Daniel Simons. Cognitive psychologist, author. Followers: 4403
Judith Beck. Clinical psychologist. Followers: 4341
Andy Field. Psychologist and stats whiz. Followers: 4323
Roxana Rudzik-Shaw. Counselling psychologist. Followers: 4279
Rita Handrich. Psychologist, editor. Followers: 4216
Molly Crockett. Neuroscientist. Followers: 4102

Thanks to Emma Smith for compiling the update. 

22 thoughts on “The 100 most followed psychologists and neuroscientists on Twitter”

  1. Greater Good. @GreaterGoodSC has 9,426 followers – one hell of a way to rate neuropsychologists. The best isn't even on your list. Rick Hanson @drrhanson author of “Buddha's Brain” “Hardwiring Happiness”, is not a “self” promoter. Has a private practice as well.

  2. Alas, I am not sure who complied the list, but I have PHD in Organizational Psychology from Michigan and am a tenured professor at Stanford albeit in engineering. Most or all of my writing still has a strongh streak of psychology. Dan Katz — the first editor of JPSP and some say the very first person to get PHD in social psychology — told me us organizational psychologists we would always be treated as bastard children by “real psychologists.” I suppose we are — but for what it is worth, I am a psychologist, and have 17.8K followers, which places me someplace on this list!

  3. No Robert Sapolsky? I know he's not very active on Twitter but he is one guy people should follow nonetheless.

  4. How is it that 'psychology' (making up stuff based on abstract contextual data) and neuroscience (the study of the mechanical brain) get stuffed into the same box?

    This isn't a serious question, of course. After all, it is being asked in a comment on a blog entry about who's popular…

  5. @shelleybonanno 4,413 followers! Psychologist, psychotherapist, mediator and writer…

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