The ten most popular Research Digest posts of all time

This week I’m leaving my position as Research Digest editor. Taking one last look back at the archives, these were my ten most popular posts since Google started counting page views in 2007. What made these so popular do you think?

1. Jailed criminals think they’re kinder and more trustworthy than average (from 2014).

2. Why do children hide by covering their eyes? (from 2012).

3. Want people to trust you? Try apologising for the rain (from 2013).

4. How walking through a doorway increases forgetting? (from 2011).

5. Why do humans walk in circles? (from 2012).

6. Childhood amnesia kicks in around age 7 (from 2014).

7. A study of suicide notes left by children and adolescents (from 2013).

8. Why are extraverts happier? (from 2014).

9. Systematic evidence of fake crying by a baby (from 2014).

10. Smiling fighters are more likely to lose (from 2013).


Post compiled by Christian Jarrett (@psych_writer) for the BPS Research Digest.