Link feast

Our pick of the best psychology and neuroscience links from the past week or so:

Autism: Myth and Reality
Professor Uta Frith introduces an entirely open-access special issue of The Psychologist magazine devoted to the subject of autism. Also available via the Issuu platform.

What Life Is Like When You’re Perfectly Alive, But Swear You’re Dead
An interview with Esmé Weijun Wang who used to think she was dead when she wasn’t, a rare condition known as Cotard’s Delusion.

Susan Greenfield: Why Is She Reluctant to Engage With ‘Mind Change” Critics?
This week, Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield gave a high-profile talk at the RSA on her theories about the psychological dangers of digital technologies. Psychologists Pete Etchells and Chris Chambers use their Guardian Head Quarters blog to explain why they were unimpressed.

Free Access to 750+ journals, 1.3M articles, and the ultimate research guide through October 31!
The journal publisher SAGE is offering complimentary access to its entire online portfolio, including psychology (free registration required).

Vietnam’s Neuroscientific Legacy
The amazing story of all we’ve learned about the brain from the veterans who suffered head injuries during the Vietnam War.

How I Rewired My Brain to Become Fluent in Math
Barbara Oakley with an inspirational story of how she become a professor of engineering relatively late in life.

September’s Neuropod Podcast
Kerri Smith discusses research showing that people are more likely to judge a face to be alive if they feel socially isolated, plus much more on the latest issue of her podcast.

Are We Hard-wired to Doodle?
David Robson tells us about the desert tribe who tell each other stories with drawings in the sand. Did drawing first emerge as an early form of language?

Does a Group Have a Mind of Its Own?
Adrianna Jenkins describes her fascinating research that suggests people are inclined to see groups of people, such as corporations, as having their own form of collective personhood (related research from the Digest archive: Investigating the personality of companies).

And Finally … Groom Gives Bride a Heady Gift: His Brain
“I wanted to surprise her with a gift that best symbolized me giving her all that I am.”


Post compiled by Christian Jarrett (@psych_writer) for the BPS Research Digest.